Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ulalena show

Any trip to Hawaii can never be complete without having the experience of Ulalena, a theatrical sensation that has been described as spectacular by National Geographic. 

It showcases the rich history of the Hawaiian community through some authentic Hawaiian dance and music, with over 100 musical instruments being played live. All these are portrayed masterfully in a colorful, dynamic, entertaining and emotional theatrical performance. Putting it in simpler words, Ulalena Show provides visitors with a unique cultural experience that cannot be found in any other place in the world.

The Story

The Ulalena story is centered on the Maui Island, from its creation to its transformation and rebirth. Visitors will get a lot of entertainment as well as education from it, with teaching s about how the Hawaiian Islands were created and the very first Polynesian explorers, the Europeans arrival and the plantation struggle era, and the rulers, people and gods who played major roles in the history. Through the story, you will also see the transformation of the Hawaii people starting from their early beginnings.

You will be thoroughly entertained by the amazing music and dance styles that are a normal for the show. The dance usually incorporates all the moves and styles that were performed by the early dwellers of Hawaii, rich in culture and meaning. It is to the tune of the traditional songs which are accompanied by the sound of a variety of instruments. 

Everything is played live on stage with no recorded performance, giving it an authentic feel.


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  2. Great post! Keep it up Kate!

  3. The images shows clearly that this could have been a wonderful stage performance when it was held.

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  5. This stage performance must have been better if watched in a short video clip.