Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Travel Photo #73: Bear Country USA

Bear Country USA.  Rapid City.  South Dakota.  August 2014
Overview Of the Bear Country, USA
Bear Country is situated in Rapid City. The City represents the earth’s biggest collection of black bears. Having a relaxing 3 mile drive-thru this magnificent wildlife park located on 200 acres of Black Hills natural beauty wherever you'll see grizzly bears, black bears, as well as more than 20 other kinds of North American wildlife animals such as wolves, elk, and buffalo all straight from the convenience of your motor vehicle. Following the drive through trip, move to Babyland where you can watch baby bears play on the outside.

Top Attractions

Babyland is located in Bear Country, Rapid City. It is a home for little bears where they are raising securely. It is a privately owned park. After visiting the Bear Country Park, you must visit to spend some time with these baby bears. When you enter the park you will see 8-10 baby bears are playing in the trees. You can enjoy the whole scenery right in front of them. Although it will be a refreshing trip after visiting the Bear Country. It is situated near to the park, so it's not hard to be finding it. 

Bear Country-The Park
Bear Country is a park situated in Rapid City. It is one of the top attraction places of South Dakota. As you already know that the park is 200 acres in the area so it's a big park. You have to walk away or drive to visit the park.

The Drive Thru 
While driving through You can watch wildlife animals such as Arctic Wolves, Elk, Black Bears, Mountain Lions, Reindeer and so many kinds of other animals. The animals are beautiful and there are many kinds of bears are staying inside the park. You can feel the thrill when the bear will walk beside or in front of your vehicle. You can also enjoy the countryside through drive while watching the wildlife. It will be a memorable experience visiting this awesome park with your family.  

How to get in the Bear Country, USA
You can take a flight to Rapid City regional airport.  You need a car to visit this beautiful park.


  1. We started taking our children there and now are taking our grandchildren. The kids love seeing all the babies each year. It is fun for all ages.

  2. Jesan Nowlion3/07/2016

    Rapid City is a bear country we know every one. There have nice park and we can see this bear very near. Bears are dangers so be careful.

  3. Great post Kate! Great adventures.

  4. It is now only veritable aria. It is also relax place. but remember there have some king and it's call Bear.

  5. Bear is a very dangerous animal. But they look very nice. Every animal are dangerous but also they are all good if we understand them. Nice post I like you all time for this information.

  6. Everyone know Bear Country is USA. Yes USA is famous for Bear there have more and more Bear on this park. Babyland park are also very largest park we know everyone so we can visit this park and enjoy here.

  7. Want to see what this cub is like in person? Come to Bear Country USA’s CubFest on April 10th and 11th to see this little guy in person. For more information on CubFest go to: Events at Bear Country USA

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  10. what kind of animal is an elk Kate?

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