Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #56: Palm Springs

Forever Marilyn Statue.  Palm Springs.  August 2013.

Overview of Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a desert resort city found in California. Palm Springs is the largest city in the Riverside County of California by area covering 94 square miles. According to the 2010 census, the city had over 40 thousand residents. This city only became fashionable as a tourists destination in 1900s. The city has up-to-date developed to become one of the best tourists in the United States. Palm Springs has the capacity to accommodate the growing number of tourists visiting every year. There are a good number of top class restaurants and hotels to cater for visitors’ needs.

Top Attractions

You will never lack entertainment while at Palm Springs. Boomers is a family entertainment center. It is located Cathedral City.

Joshua Tree National Park
This is a national park that provides a good place for activities such as camping, birding, climbing and driving. There is so much that can be learnt in this park.

Palm Springs Air Museum
This museum is located at the Palm Springs International Airport.

Baristo Park
This is one of the many city parks in the city that allows residents and visitors to relax and have a good time while in the city.

How to get to Palm Springs

The easiest way of getting to the city is by the use of airplane, which will land you at the Palm Springs International Airport. From the airport, you can decide on how you will transverse the city.


  1. wow! That sculpture is just gorgeous! They really captured her likeness there. Some friends of mine talk a lot about Joshua Tree and having visited there. Can't wait to visit that place too, maybe do a great road trip with my daughter out to the West coast. :)

  2. Shamblee10/14/2015

    Worth visiting! This is one of the places you could visit and have a new activity every day and never repeat yourself on vacation.

  3. Never heard about this popular tourist spot,so what thanks for let us know about this place.

  4. Anonymous10/15/2015

    I think Marilyn Statue was one of the greatest attraction of this place.

  5. oh marilyn's statue is also beautiful as her.

  6. Khaled Ahmed12/05/2015

    wow it is looking real people. very nice place. i need to visit on here so let us know full description on here..