Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #51: Santa Barbara California

Sand Art.  Santa Barbara Beach.  California.  December 2011.

Overview of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a city within the Santa Barbara County in the state of California. This city enjoys a Mediterranean climate making it a popular destination within the United States. The city is an all year tourist destination due to its fair climate. As per the 2010 national census, there were 88,410 people living in this city. The biggest employer in the city is the California University, Santa Barbara, having 6,200 employees. The architectural design of the city is highly influenced by the Spanish Colonial Revival-style homes.

Top Attractions

El Paseo Shopping Mall
This makes it as one of the top tourist attraction sites because of its deep history. This is the first shopping center in California.

De La Guerra Plaza
This is the first City Hall. It remains to be the center of city’s administration. This site has been marked as California Historical Landmark.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
This is one of the best Art Museums in the city. It has exhibitions that are of international standards.

Alameda Park

This is among the many parks in the city. Here, tourists find good time to relax and connect with nature. It is just like a normal park in the US though the climate here is very conducive for tourists.

How to get there

There are various options for reaching this tourists’ city. There is the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport that serves tourists coming with commercial airlines. The city is bisected by U.S route 101 for those using bus services. There is also a train option for those who like using rail services.


  1. Hi Kate. The sand sculpture is so beautiful! Amazingly detailed. I had no idea,k they could do such things with just sand. :)

    I have always wanted to visit California, especially Santa Barbara area. It sounds like a really amazing place. Good to hear there are also natural settings for tourists to enjoy.

    What is the weather like? Is it very mild there? I am so in the mood for spring weather now. :)

  2. Anonymous8/07/2015

    Got a lots of information about the place Santa Barbara,can't wait to visit there.

  3. Laurie8/10/2015

    Must be nice living so near someplace so beautiful. :)
    You can just get in the car anytime you want and go visit. Wish I were so lucky.

    Lovely sand art, by the way. :)

  4. Anonymous9/15/2015

    California is one of my favorite city for spending some relaxing time and among all other tourist spots I like Alameda Park most.

  5. I love the sand sculpture...but is it permanent ? Wont it be washed away with wave of the sea?