Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Boston Massachusetts

Boston Public Garden

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts and the largest city, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It has an awesome blend of stylish sophistication and rich history, paying homage to all the periods of the timeline of America as well as serving as all things to all people. All these are showcased in the numerous museums that are there, among other attractions.

Downtown Boston
Boston Downtown is really the city’s heart, hosting the headquarters of many agencies and companies in the area, the City Hall and the State House as well. It has a European feel, with pedestrianized streets, street performers, historic sites and a popular large public area that is near Faneuil Hall. It is also a shopper’s sanctuary, offering everything from cozy boutiques to large departmental stores.


Harvard Square
It is located at the center of Cambridge. It includes the triangular plaza, J.F. Kennedy Street, the business district and Harvard University. The private research university, established in 1639, has rich history, wealth and influence to make it list among the most prestigious universities in the world. A tour around the university will definitely leave you informed and thirsty for knowledge.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
This is another private university for research that is in Cambridge, which heightens the pride of Boston. It was founded in 1861 as a response to the growth of industrialization in the US. It is traditionally known for education and research in engineering and physical sciences.

South (Subway) Station

River cruises
There are a good number of companies offering cruising services along the Charles River. The river has a length of 80 miles, traveling through 23 different cities and towns. You can go on a cruise tour and enjoy all the scenery or participate in sculling, rowing or sailing among other water activities.

View from Harvard Bridge

Old State House

Hampshire House

Trinity Church

Fenway Park is the home of Boston Redsox.  The oldest and the smallest Ball Park in the nation.


  1. Thanks for the picture about the Bouston Massacre. I really love history and I have been learning a whole lot about some historic event from your blog. Your blog has a touch of fashion, history and events, beauty, classic images. I look forward to more exiting post from you Kate.

    1. Really glad to hear that Joseph. Thank you!

  2. The water is amazingly beautiful there! Especially with the willows by the lake. I love the dark look of the water there. Did you get a chance to sit on the lake side? It is so beautiful there! I was very impressed with all the photos you took this time. I love seeing more and more photos of every area! :)

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  4. Boston is my hometown,so everything of this place seen beautiful to me!

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    A great place for the travel lover,always surrounded by tourist of whole world.

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