Friday, May 1, 2015

Nightlife at California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco Golden GatePark

The California Academy of Sciences Nightlife showcases in an exquisite way, wonders of space, water and land all in a single package. It is among the largest eco-friendly history museums in the world. Many tourists visiting California consider it to be the hottest event in their social calendars. The museum has an arrangement of aquatic, historic and planetary specimens with regular exhibits showcasing the harmonious existence between the oceans, earth, and space.


The piece of tropical paradise is enclosed within a dome that has a diameter of about 90 feet. It is filled with chirpy birds and beautiful butterflies. A spiral pathway lead you to 3 distinct habitats – Borneo, Madagascar and Costa Rica.

Discovery Tidepool

This stop allows you to explore sea stars and hermit crabs among other creatures. It will equip you with some good amount of knowledge concerning the terrain of California.

The Planetarium

You get to experience a magnificent view of the stars through a 180 degree digital projection system. The system offers the terrestrial experience via data provided in real time by NASA.

The Naturalist Center

Any guest can have an opportunity to examine many specimens at this center. It is also a good place for short lectures or small programs for the public.

Swamp sightseeing

Subtropical fish, turtles and the white alligator at the swamp will take you through a journey to the prehistoric past.


  1. Solotraveller5/01/2015

    Been there. Done that. Loved the nightlife there. ;-)

    1. Great! Do you have a travel blog?

  2. Anonymous5/09/2015

    The Visitor VIP ticket is currently priced at US $34.95, and is typically available for a limited time only.

    1. Yes, that's for day time. Nightlife ticket costs only $12 per person.

  3. Good Set of pics.... Thank You Sharing!

  4. Anonymous5/23/2015

    nicely captured pic... really amazing