Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fanimecon 2015

Fanimecon, also known as simply Fanime, refers to an annual anime convention that is usually run by ARG in celebration of the Japanese culture. Of all the anime conventions, it is the largest in Northern California. It was held for the first time ever at California State University, initiated by Aaron, Dennis Jann and Jay Onda. It was held in San Jose Convention Center for the first time in 2004 where it had such a great impact economically, that it has continued to be held at the same location every year ever since. It is always packed with lots of video programming, games, music, amazing costumes, sensational panels, tournaments and renowned guests.

The spectacular Cosplay contest on the civic stage held every year features outstanding performances and dance. The newest released anime all the way back to the old favorites are all featured.

Old School Games 

The Fanime Music Videos competition is where all the best videos from all around the world are showcased. The audience voted for the top videos in all categories.

Fanimecon, an event that takes a whole year of planning, is definitely something to look forward to every year. 2015 just as expected, was packed with fun and interesting activities that were enjoyed by people of all ages from all over the world. If you missed out on that, start planning on attending the next one.


  1. Anonymous5/27/2015

    Soo excited for Fanime this year!

  2. colorful and exciting. The first picture made me remember THOR.

  3. I hope to see this in New York soon....

  4. Anonymous6/19/2015

    Seem interesting,I don't want to miss it in this year.