Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #37: Washington DC

Lincoln Memorial. August 2013.

Overview of Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the United States. The district was founded in1791 which saw the states of Maryland and Virginia donating land to form this new district. It is a federal district that is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the congress. This is to mean that Washington DC is not part of any state in the United States. The district hosts all centers of the United States Federal Government i.e. the president, Supreme Court and congress. Washington DC has 176 foreign embassies within its boundaries. Many international organizations have also used Washington DC as their headquarters.

Top Attractions

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln memorial is one of the top attractions in the city. This is a national monument built in honor of the 16th president of United States, Abraham Lincoln. This monument has the statue of Abraham Lincoln in it.

The US Capitol
The US Capitol is one of the most adored pieces of architectural designs. This building hosts Congress, which is the legislative branch of the Federal Government of the United States.

White House
White House is the official residence of the seating President of the United States. According to America Institute of Architects’ White House was second in the list of America’s Favorite Architecture in 2007.

How to get to Washington DC

The most convenient way to getting to DC for visitors who live far is by the use of airplane to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia. From there you can either take a taxi downtown or use metro bus 13F and 13G.


  1. Once, i was lucky enough to visit Washington, DC but only able to stay a few hours. We were really just passing through. I didn't get a chance to see any of these amazing sites. One day, I'm going to take my daughter there. What a rich history to explore! :)

    1. (: you gotta check our Lincoln Memorial next time!

  2. Leland4/20/2015

    I'm sure the Whitehouse has seen it's fair share of scandals, with all those visiting dignitaries.

    oh! If those walls could talk!

    And yet, for all the bad things, there must have been some good times too. Once I saw a Christmas event hosted on TV at the Whitehouse by the First Lady. This was some years back though. The Christmas tree was epic!

  3. We had a chance to see any different types of art from a wide range of artists. The building itself is beautiful. There are lots of rooms to explore and plenty see. You do get tired in a place like this so head downstairs to the cafe and gift shop to relax for a while.

  4. Anonymous4/22/2015

    Amazing work again Kate, thanks!

  5. So many momentous events have happened in this amazing city over the years, both good and bad. And, of course, Washington DC is the hub of American government. It just makes sense there would be such an exciting vibe to the place. :)

  6. Good Information.... Helped me!

  7. Anonymous5/09/2015

    Been here a couple times, most memorable moment was going through DC at night with all the landmarks lit up, coolest thing.

  8. It's a good Place to visit....

  9. Anonymous5/23/2015

    I love this city, is the USA