Tuesday, November 11, 2014

6 reasons to visit London

Happy Veterans Day!  Thanks to those who have served our country.  I thought I would write a blog post on my day off as it’s hard to sleep in on the weekday, so here goes.

London is among the most popular cities in the world. Its popularity has been on the rise due to the many tourists’ attraction sites this city has. For those who have been to London, they can attest that it is a warm city that is so welcoming to visitors. There are many reasons why a person should visit this great city.  

Here are my top 6 reasons to visit London:

Tower Bridge is one of the most popular bridges in the world.  It is an iconic symbol of London.  There are walkways that are free for the public.  There has been a major color change when it was changed from mid-greenish to red, white and blue.  The color change was done for Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee.  You’ll find tourists from many parts of the world and hear several different languages.  The Tower of London is walking distance from Tower Bridge.

TheLondon Eye is the giant Ferris wheel found in many London panormas.  It is meant to deliver great views, not a thrilling ride.  It circles around slowing, offering an unbeatable birds-eye perspective of London’s South Bank.  You can view 360 degrees of the gorgeous city when you are more than 400 feed high.

Red Busses and Tubes

One of the reasons a person may want to visit London is to have the experience gotten from their red buses and the underground tubes. The red buses, more especially, are very famous and have been a trade mark of London for a long period. Nowhere else in this world would you find a city painted with red buses, which have seats upstairs for tourists to view the city.

Free Attractions
The National Galary
Another reason for visiting London is to enjoy the free attraction sites. There are museums that do not charge tourists to visit. Some of the museums include the British Museum, the National Galary, museum of London, science museum, and the Art museum. You get free entry to these museums though at times one may be required to make a donation to the museum.

Tower ofLondon is one of the historic sites that have stood the test of time since 1078.  The tower as served as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress.  The castle was also used as a prison in the 16th and 17th centuries.  Tower of London is protected World Heritage Site for it is by no doubt one of the country’s most popular tourists and attraction.  It is a huge campus.  I walked for hours there.  I visited all major attractions including Crown Jewels, Yeoman Warders, The Ravens, The Fusilier Museum and MedievalPalace.

Rivers and Canals
Big Ben & Houses of Parliament
View from South Bank of the river
There is also the attraction that comes with the rivers and canals in the city. The most popular river in London is River Thames. There is also the Bow Back Rivers and River Roding. Some of the canals found in the city include Hertford Union canal and Grand Union canal among many other canals spread beautifully in the city.

Once you are there, you will find that there are more reasons for visiting this great city. Make a plan of visiting London to see the above stated sites and other amazing sites.  London is a huge city.  You can’t walk everywhere.  Well, you can but it is way more efficient if you take buses and trains.  Public transportation is incredibly reliable.

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.” – Andre Gide 


  1. London is the most popular city on the planet that is for sure!

  2. it is a small city but with so much in it. I have been there before and will always like to go back there. I just wonder how you travel alone. Don't you get bored with all the places you have gone?

    1. London is a large city to me. I'm always excited to see new things so I never get bored. I love to travel with companion(s) too. (: Traveling is fun either way.

  3. The thing about London that I find appealing is how different it is from the US. Plus the many great landmarks and places to see is something that is drawing my attention to visiting London even sooner. It's been a dream to travel to London, so I'm going to make it happen in the very near future.

    1. Hope you will make it soon! London should be in everyone's bucket list.

  4. It's kind of been my dream to travel to London one of these days. It's mainly because I've seen how cool it is in movies and all that, and I have always wanted to visit this beautiful place. It's nice to see all of these wonderful landmarks listed too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I had seen London Bridge and Big Ben numerous times in the movies. I finally made it. That was my first time visiting Europe. I am very confident to visit all other countries in Europe.

  5. holiday is very importent because i want to travel many awesome place