Friday, August 29, 2014

Eliminate Travel Worries with Simple Tips

US Capitol, Washington DC
Happy long weekend everyone!  It is labor day weekend.  A bit sad that I am going to be in town.  I canceled my solo trip to Utah because I should get some studying done over the weekend.  Life is not supposed to be always easy.  I am going to make it there during Thanksgiving weekend - I am excited to see the 3 National Parks in the snow.
Wait, it's friday.  I finally got time to catch up comments and messages on my blog.

Even though I can't travel, I thought I would write a little bit about traveling.

Spring Mountain Ranch, Nevada

While traveling remains to be life's greatest joy to many people, it still proves to be hard task to many others.  This is because the planning process is usually not made comprehensive by many people leaving them with stress on how to tackle their worries.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

1.  Check Your Destination Reviews
It is advisable that you should view the destination that you are planning to go to, especially when you travel solo.  This way you will get to know from the experience of those who have been there before on what to do and avoid.
MLK. Birmingham, Alabama

2.  Make a to do list
Try as much as possible to stick to your list of plans of what to do especially if you're a female solo traveler.

3.  Carry Earplugs
If you are a light sleeper, carry earplugs.  Some hotel rooms have thin walls and the earplugs can be helpful in reducing the noise outside your room that can disturb your sleep.

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

4.  Bring an Electrical Adapter
Before traveling internationally, find out what the electrical outlets they use in that country.  Shop for an adapter at your local store for the price are highly exaggerated at the airports.

Pack your bag and go.  Enjoy the labor day weekend!


  1. Eindra8/30/2014

    Kate Tun is not traveling on long weekend. that's ridiculous. ;)))

  2. (: I'm excited to celebrate the Labor Day in town.

  3. Pan Ei8/30/2014

    what you canceled your trip , biggest news of 2014 this can beat even icebucket challenge :), Jokes apart enjoy your next solo trip

  4. Claire8/31/2014

    Hard to believe you cancelled your trip but sometimes you need to put things on hold to get other things taken care of. That must have not been an easy decision.

    1. Thank you.. Travel is my passion. It is hard when I need to cancel my adventures, but I will definitely be there for Thanksgiving.

  5. Ashley9/01/2014

    I hope you had a nice weekend in town!

    1. Yes, I did. It was nice and boring. (:

  6. love ur blog ! travel more and keep up with great work !!

  7. Melissa9/10/2014

    Traveling takes a lot of planning, and you definitely need to prepare for everything ahead of time when you are about to go on a long (or short) trip. Thanks for reminding us.

  8. It is my hobby. I love to research before taking a trip.

  9. Thanks Kate.. You are my destination reviewer. Before I knew of this blog, I would get some exaggerated reviews just to find lower standards. Nowadays I follow the places you go. I might not keep up with your pace but am trying.