Thursday, July 3, 2014

Buffalo at Wincave NP and Custer SP

Buffalo at Custer State Park, on my way to Wind Cave National Park

Cute Buffalo Calf

Buffalo have right of way

Do not approach Buffalo!

I got distracted by those awesome Bison (American Buffalo) blocking my way for several miles at Custer State Park.  I was too late for the last Cave Tour when I got to Wind Cave.  Well I couldn't leave my hotel earlier.. I was cheering for TeamUSA.  We lost to Belgium.  It was heartbreaking!

Wind Cave National Park is my 22nd National Park visited.

List of 22 National Parks: 

 Denali (AK), Hawaii Volcanoes (HI), Olympic (WA), Redwood (CA), Lassen Volcanic (CA), Yosemite (CA), Sequoia (CA), Kings Canyon (CA), Channel Islands (CA), Pinnacles (CA), Death Valley (CA), Joshua Tree (CA), Petrified Forest (AZ), Arches (UT), Zion (UT), Grand Canyon (AZ), Yellowstone (WY, ID & MT), Grand Teton (WY), Wind Cave (SD), Rocky Mountain (CO), Great Smoky Mountains (TN & NC) and Everglades (FL).


  1. sarah evanston7/24/2014

    I can't believe how big those buffalo are! They look like they could take out your car in a second without hurting themselves.

    1. They can run up to 40mph. Incredible!