Sunday, June 1, 2014

Diamond Head Crater

The crater has become one of the top tourist attractions for people who travel to Hawai'i.  This is a very unique and amazing landmark in the western edge of the coastline of Waikiki.

Hiking up to the top of the crater

There are many great trails to hike to get to it, and this is why so many tour guides recommend it to anyone that is visiting Hawaii.

Fun part

more fun!
The entire location is about 476 acres in total and this includes the interior and exterior of the crater.

One more level to get to the top of the Crater
You will be glad you decided to go once you get to the crater and witness the wonderful things that nature can create.

Tough hike pays off with this spectacular view of Waikiki
Pacific Ocean.  Stunning!

Sensational Ocean View

Admission $1 per person

Hiking wasn't too long.  Well, I forgot to start logging until we passed the entrance.  We walked up the hill from the bottom.  That was a long walk before stopping by the gate to pay fees.
I would say 4.5 to 5 mile hike.  Sometimes, when you're too excited, something like that happens and it is okay. :)


  1. A stunning view to the Pacific ocean from the Diamond Head Crater!
    By the way, why they call it a Diamond Head?
    Saw any diamonds there?
    Or it is only a name?

  2. (: I didn't find any diamonds there.