Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Travel Photo #79: La Paz Waterfall Gardens Costa Rica

Overview Of the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa Rica

La Paz is a beautiful Waterfall situated in Central Costa Rica. It is located at 19 miles from north of Alajuela. When you consider about Costa Rica, you most likely think about flowing white rivers, rich tropical Rain Forests,  birds, magnificent waterfalls,  flowers, and butterflies.  You will find everything in one place.  That's LaPaz Waterfall Gardens.

Top Attractions

While you walk La Paz Waterfall trails you feel the pleasure at the 5 waterfalls that set on the trail. The only method you are able to see the falls is by hanging on the mountainside, finding through ferns and trees, not so appealing for snapshot taking. The Waterfall Gardens are made in that way, the visitors are easily given sights from platforms over, under and before the falls for excellent photographic possibilities.

The Trout Lake
Do you like Fishing?  Forged a line within the 2 level Trout Lake of La Paz Waterfall Gardens.  Have dining or simply have a great time!  The Large Trout Bar is usually an incredible spot to have a meal, chill out among outdoor hikes, satisfy other visitors over cocktails or listening fish experiences. It is a great spot to lay in the sunshine or have a swim in one of the Jacuzzis.

The trails
With more than 2 miles of amazing walking trails as well as ten animal shows to take pleasure in, you must spend at least  two hours for the visit. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy each and every trail and spend the time amusing in the Hummingbird Garden, Observatory ofButterflies, Serpentarium, Tica House, Frog Exhibit, bird watching spots and Trout Lake, you will most likely have to stay the entire day.

Experience lifestyle the way it was a 100 years before inside the Casita of the la Paz Waterfall Gardens. This phenomenal old Costa Rican farm house duplication was constructed only using the instruments available to the typical farmer a hundred years ago.  Move back in history and enjoy the common Tico meals such as refreshing milk of cow, taste freshly made tortillas, have a trip in an ox-driven cart,  and watch the way the Ticos were living and worked tirelessly on rural farms. The Casita will provide a historical trip and ethnical understanding of the lives of non-urban Costa Ricans.

How to get to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa Rica

You can visit La Paz Waterfall Gardens by tourist bus.  (I drove the rental car and I don’t recommend it.)   The buses leave from Avenida 9 and Calle 12 in San Jose. 


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