Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Travel Photo # 78: Edinburgh Castle


The Scottish capital has plenty to offer, but one sight stands out more than others: the towering Medieval Castle.
Easy to spot from the windows of Edinburgh hostels, the castle stands high on a hill above the city, dominating the landscape and providing an awe-inspiring view.


The current castle's site has been important to people across the ages with the first signs of human habitation at the hilltop fort thought to date back to the 9th Century BC.
Having a site this old, means that its history is as rich and varied as can be. Much of the early information about the castle from the Dark Ages is still buried deep underground - with experts still looking to dig beneath the Scottish soil for any hidden secrets.
It was not until the 11th and 12th Centuries that the castle's place in Scottish history started to take shape. The castle was the home of King Malcolm III whose wife would become St Margaret and go on to be recognized by the addition of St Margaret's Chapel - which visitors can still see to this day.


The castle hosts a number of spectacular events throughout the year, with the premier event being Hogmanay.
The traditional New Year's Eve party is attended by thousands of people each year and the party atmosphere is second-to-none, with the entertainment often spilling down the hill and into Edinburgh hostels.
Out of happy coincidence, the tattoo takes places during the Edinburgh Festival giving visitors added reason to book a hostel and plan a trip to the city.


  1. Great blog! Learnt alot from this, almost feel like i was actually there. Would love to see more soon as I'm planning a trip soon. Thanks alot!

  2. Edinburgh Castle is one of the best preserved medieval castle I've ever visited. Seeing the Crown Jewels (especially the stone of destiny) was a highlight.

  3. Great history.

  4. Kennedy k7/20/2016

    It's almost impossible to believe people actually lived in this castel as it's so old. I enjoyed reading this keep up the good work!

  5. Victor Ogumola7/24/2016

    Old but still beautiful with a very strong foundation.

  6. Great history, I'd love to see more soon :)

  7. Anonymous8/04/2016

    Nice, I've got to see this for real soon.

  8. Nice post as always!!!