Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Travel Photo #76: St. Paul Cathedral

Overview of St. Paul Cathedral

Saint Paul Cathedral, London is one of the famous sights in London. The building of this church took place from 1675-1720. The building stands at 365 feet high. From the year 1710 to 1962, this church building stood out as the tallest building in London. This church is also the 2nd largest church in the U.K. St. Paul Cathedral, London is held dear by the English population for it has hosted quite a number of events that are considered important to the whole population. One such event is the wedding of Charles, the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana in 1981. The man behind the design of this cathedral is none other than Christopher Wren.

Top Attractions

1. Cathedral Floor
The first attraction that all visitors will see is the long section of the floor that leads to the dome. It is one of the largest sections of the cathedral.

2. Magnificent Architecture
Christopher Wren left a magnificent piece of architecture that is worth being admired. One of the famous sites in this masterpiece is the dome.

3. Memorials and Tombs of Famous British Figures
It is here at St. Paul Cathedral that you will find memorials ad tombs of famous British figures such as Lord Nelson, Duke of Wellington and Sir Winston Churchill.

4. Multimedia Guide
You can also enjoy a multimedia guide here at the cathedral.

5. Music Events
There are usually different musical events hosted here at the church. During you visit, you will not miss one.

How to get there

There are different ways of getting here at St. Paul depending on your preference. If you are a visitor and you do not know the location, just pick on a bus route numbers 4, 11, 15, 23, 25, 26, 100 or 242. On street parking is not allowed around the church. There are plenty bicycles parking slots for free here.


  1. This church building really has a rich history on its timeline. So good to know.

  2. This is a wonderful site, I really like the structural layout and contents. Keep it up!!!

  3. Daniel O'Brian7/16/2016

    Lovely, i always wanted to know more about the saint paul cathedral from someone who has actually been there before. Hope to see more soon thanks!

  4. Great architecture, great attractions.