Saturday, June 18, 2016

Snorkeling and Dolphin Cruise from Maui to Lanai

Lanai is a privately owned island that is located 9 miles across the Au’au channel from West Maui. There was a time when it was the largest plantation of pineapple in the world, but currently not a lot of pineapple is grown there. Surrounding this great island is a great deal of attractions that can well be enjoyed on a cruise from Maui. You can choose to enjoy the view of dolphins when onboard a double decker catamaran or a ferry, an aquatic adventure that will feel like no other, or do some snorkeling if sporting activities is your favorite.

This small island is usually quite a vibrant and charming place that is filled with some great beaches as well as rugged landscapes. It features a town covered with beauty that is untouched, having some luxury resorts as well as some rugged landscapes. There are renowned golf courses for those who love the sport. You will get a breathtaking view of the Garden of the Gods particularly during dusk.

During this amazing cruise, you will spot some amazing dolphins and whales in an up close and personal viewing. For the whales however you will most likely see them during the months of December through to April. The whales commonly seen are the Humpback whales, also known as the leviathans of the deep.


  1. How can an Island be privately owned Kate? Do you mean that some people are buying islands? I dont understand, can you shed more light please?

    1. Yes, Lanai is privately owned by the founder and chairman of Oracle.

  2. Is Lanai owned by just a man? Hope someone will not wake up one day and think of buying the whole earth.

  3. Awesome view, great spot for a getaway!