Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #63: Ford Motor Museum

Ford Motor Museum.  Dearborn, Michigan. April 2012

Overview of the Ford Motor Museum

The Henry Ford is a large museum complex which is full of history. It is also referred to as the Greenfield Village or Edison institute which is a bit more formal. The indoor and outdoor museum found in Metro Detroit, a Dearborn suburb in Michigan, forms a National Landmark. It was named after its founder Henry Ford, an industrialist who thrived in the automobile sector. He had a desire of preserving items which have historical significance and would portray the revolution in the automobile industry. A vast array of machinery, famous homes, Americana and exhibits are all housed in the property.

Top Attractions

Heroes of the sky
This is the newest permanent exhibit from which you can share the many experiences and stories of people through the first 40 years of aviation.

You can have a great time exploring the Buckminister’s Dymaxion house. It is the only remaining prototype of the vision of Fuller’s mass produced and affordable housing.

The Abraham Lincoln chair
This is the chair that President Lincoln was sitting on this chair when he was assassinated in 1865. The American cousin was being produced at Ford’s theatre during that time.

Greenfield Buildings and Village Districts:

Edison at work
You can take a very exciting and invigorating trip to Thomas Edison’s idea factory. All his great work and ideas are presented to you.

Liberty craftworks
This will take you way back in time when simple products that we use from day to day were personal and treasurable creations of artisans.

Ford Rogue Factory:

Legacy theatre
You can learn a lot about the tragedies and triumphs that surrounds the Rogue with historic footages that have rarely been seen.

World’s largest living roof
The final assembly building of the truck plant at Ford Rogue Centre has a living roof growing on it and is attracting quite a lot of interests lately.

How to get to Ford Motor Museum

You can get to Ford Motor Museum from the west or east via l-94 to Oakwood Boulevard exit. Ford museum is about 2 and a half miles from that exit. From the south, l-75 will take you to Southfield Freeway from where you will have to drive about 4 miles to Oakwood Blvd.

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  1. This museum is a wonderful place to learn about the Ford' work, history and artistry.

  2. I have been to this museum a number of times and have always enjoyed it.

  3. I'm really fascinated by early aviation and flight and always watching documentaries on History channel. It would be really cool to see some of these machines up close and maybe even get a chance to be near one.

  4. I would like to visit this place...

    1. Not sure if this is fact or fiction, but once I read that women worked in many car factories during World War 2 era, while the men were away at war. Just wondering if Ford Motor took part in the feminizing of the work place.

  5. Beautiful work, great post.

  6. Lucas David1/10/2016

    Nice history Ford car brand. It is very oldest model i think it's looking a car hat. very beautiful model on this time.

  7. Love that museum. Thanks everyone for your feedback!