Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #61: Big Ben and Parliament Building

Big Ben and Parliament Building.  London.  England. UK.  March 2013.

Overview of the Big Ben and Parliament Building

The Parliament building which is also recognized as the Palace of Westminster is  situated right on the Thames river London, UK. It is a wonderful building which has been made in the year 1840, The building is usually most identifiable because of the clock tower which is regarded as Big Ben. Big Ben is  the bell located inside of the tower.

The Parliament of UK is built up of 2 houses: the House of Lords and the House of Commons and also both have their own assembly chambers. You can visit the Parliament building as well as view a discussion or question period if you want. Once a year, in the month of May, the Queen comes to the parliament to start a new session of the House of Lords.

Top Attractions

Jewel Tower
Jewel Tower was built in 1365. The medieval Royal Palace has actually 2 remaining parts. Jewel Tower is one of them. The tower is also known as the "King's Privy Wardrobe" because the tower was built to store the treasures of King Edward III. The tower is a stone made 3 storey building, which actually located across the path from the present Palace of Westminster.

Big Ben
Big Ben is the great bell located at the north end of the Parliament building in Westminster, London, UK. It was built in 1859. The structure is 96 meters in height and it consist approximately 400 steps to the very top. It is not allowed for foreign tourist. Only a British residents can climb Big Ben through a Lord or MP.   

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey is situated in the west of the Westminster Palace. The abbey is actually a traditional spot for coronation and as well as a funeral site for English monarchs. It is a living church where still worship takes place. The confessor's shrine St Edward is located at the heart of the abbey church as well as the tombs of many great men and women of British history also situated in it.

Victoria Tower
The Victoria Tower is actually situated on the opposite side of The Big Ben. It was built in 1860. During the parliamentary period, the Union Flag is raised on the top of the tower. 

Westminster Hall
It is the most oldest hall of the Houses of Parliament since 1097. The Westminster Hall is one of the biggest unsupported medieval halls of

How to get the Big Ben and Parliament Building

You can visit The Big Ben and Parliament Building by the popular hop on, hop off sightseeing bus, local bus or train.


  1. Wow!!! it is very nice place of London. and very impotent think that it is stand beside of Thames river.

  2. So amazing place. Big Ben and Parliament Building is also one of historical place. so we need to visit this place.

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  4. Rachel Marie12/07/2015

    Big Ben and Parliament Building is very oldest building of this world and stand beside of river. it is tourist aria so need to visit of there.

  5. Big Ben and Parliament Building It's a beautifull place so me visit this place. pls detals

  6. Big Ben is such an iconic feature of the English landscape and I doubt anyone going there would ever want to miss such an amazing part of history. And I'll bet it's even more impressive to look at in person. I liked your explanation about Big Ben and how it's actually part of a bigger structure. I'm sure there's a good back story to that clock, maybe even some intrigue and war time stories we are not aware of. :)
    I will be sure to put this place no my must visit list.

  7. So beautiful to look at in the photo!

  8. I wish I could make a visit Big Ben and Parliament Building

  9. wow!! it's amazing , and beautiful

  10. Bethina12/13/2015

    It's amazing how different the architecture of Westminster abbey and Big Ben are from the French Gothic structures you were showing before. Just a vast difference. And honestly I like this style a lot. Wasn't this a place for royal weddings too? Just thinking that I had heard that somewhere.

  11. Every time I see Big Ben in the movies or ads on TV, I just miss London!

  12. The Elizabeth Tower, which stands at the north decline of the Houses of Parliament, was completed in 1859 and the Great Clock started on 31 May