Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #60: Shashone Falls

Shashone Falls.  Twin Falls, Idaho.  Summer 2011.

Overview of Shashone Falls

Shashone falls is a waterfall that is found in the southern region of Idaho. This waterfall is on the Snake River, which is just 8 km east of the city of Twin Falls. Shashone falls is 65 m high and flows over a rim 300 m wide. The waterfall is 14 m higher than the popular Niagara Falls. It is sometimes referred as the ‘Niagara of the West’. The best time of viewing the waterfall is during spring. Water levels are usually low during summer and fall due to the diversion of the Snake River for irrigation.

Top Attractions

Snake River

Snake River is one of the attractions found here. It is at this river that this waterfall is found. Therefore it is inevitable to avoid it if you are visiting Shashone Falls.

Scenery View
There is a good view of the waterfall that many makes many people visit. The length of the waterfall is an amazing 60 m high making the view more spectacular. The breeze that is in the surrounding also creates a good ambiance for tourists.

Snake River Canyons
This is a large canyon formed in the Snake River. The canyon is 150 m deep and 0.4 km wide and runs over 50 miles.

How to get to Shashone Falls

Shashone Falls can be accessed through Twin Falls by a car via US highway 93. There are no rail services here but there is the Joslin Field-Magic Valley Regional Airport to help those coming here using planes.


  1. The view there of the waterfall is just spectacular! I wonder if the sound of the rushing falls is just over powering. I'm sure it would be. Such gorgeous white waters.

  2. Khaled Ahmed12/05/2015

    Nice waterfall and nice picture. i think it can get very popularity of this world.

  3. Wow!! very nice place and traveling system is very adventure. very soon i will contact with you for visit here and must use car.

  4. So beautiful to look at in the photo! And White River sounds like a dream place and a romantic place. Will put this on my must visit list. Thanks.

  5. The view from the top looking over the falls is just spectacular! It's amazing to see the gorgeous white rushing waters by contrast to the barren landscape of the far background. Nature is so amazing in it's wonderful diversity of beauty.

  6. I am just speechless after watching the view.Full of attractive place for the tourist

  7. The Shashone Falls is the amazing waterfalls but it's kind of hidden. People stop by on their way to/from Yellowstone on their road trip. It wan't crowded on the peak summer day.