Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #58: Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park.  South Dakota.  Summer 2014.

Overview of Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park is a national park located in the south west of South Dakota. National Park Service is tasked with the management of this 242,756 acres land of this national park. The most endangered land mammal in North America is protected in this park. This is the black-footed ferret which is in the 64,144 acres designated wilderness area. The park is popular for its rugged terrain, which are as a result of rock formations. World’s richest fossils beds from the Oligocene epoch are also found in this park. They date back to 20-35 million years ago.

Top Attractions:

Camp Grounds
There are two campgrounds for those who want to camp at the park. Basic services are provided for in the camping grounds. Dogs and pets are allowed in these camping grounds.

White River
This is a resourceful center located 20 miles south of Scenic in the Pine ridge Reservation. There are movies, exhibits restrooms, picnic areas and water in this center. Also included in the center is an information desk. The center also gives information about the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to interested visitors.

Ben Reifel
There are educational materials for sale in this center. It is a shop operated by the Badlands Natural History Association.

How to get to Badlands

If you are coming with car, you just drive 50 miles from Rapid City. The park is in the southeast of the city. Rapid City Regional Airport serves visitors coming in by plane. Greyhound bus serves Rapid City and it is an ideal bus to the park.


  1. A lot of movies and TV shows have been based around this wilderness area known as the Badlands. Pretty sure even the Survivor Man spent some time in this area on his show. It's fascinating to know that such wild places still exist in America.

  2. So beautiful to look at in the photo! And White River sounds like a dream place for a romantic picnic. Will put this on my must visit list. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous11/10/2015

    Thanks for informative article.

  4. The view from your photograph is just spectacular! At what place were you standing to get this shot? Also wondering if it was ever possible to live in such a place. You mentioned how old this is, surely there were native tribes living in the region at some point. Or, would you say this area is too inhospitable?

    1. The Badlands was home to the Lakota people part of the Sioux nation for at least a thousand years. And they considered this place to be very sacred. As people settled the west, the Native tries were pressured out of their homeland and onto reservations. The battle of Wounded Knee happened just south of this area at Badlands. There are still isolated pockets of tribal people living in the Badlands.

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