Saturday, September 12, 2015


Yellowstone is a national park located in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, United States. The park was established by the US congress and consequently signed into law in March 1872 by President Ulysses Grant.

Yellowstone is also very prone to earthquakes, it usually experience thousands of small earthquakes every year.  The major Hebgen Lake earthquake struck the park in 1959 and destroyed lots of properties in the park including roads.  It was this very earthquake that also gave rise to the discovery of new geysers, but it was also responsible for turning many of the hot springs in Yellowstone turbid.
There are some useful bacteria found in the hot springs.  The bacteria in this park survives on sulphur, therefore prepare to receive the smell of sulphur when you visit Yellowstone.

Yellowstone is the very first national park in the world.  Yellowstone is famous for its wide collection of wildlife and its geothermal features. One of such geothermal features is the Old Faithful Geyser. As a matter of fact, Old Faithful Geyser is one of the most popular features in Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful Geyser
This geyser is the most popular geyser in the whole of America. Old Faithful Geyser was discovered in 1870, and it was given this name because it erupts frequently.

West Thumb (Part of Yellowstone Lake)

Mammoth Hotsprings
This is a unique and special kind of spring that exists in Yellowstone. It is located in the north west part of Yellowstone National Park. Here you will enjoy the view of traverse limestone terraces and gentle waterfalls.

Lower Geyser Basin
This is where you are sure to find hundreds of geothermal features. Mud pots and hot springs can also be found in Lower Geyser Basin, and the view is totally amazing.

Mud Volcano

I would suggest driving to Yellowstone if your live in the west side of the US.  Or fly to Jackson Airport (JAC).  There are bus services that can take you on road trip to Yellowstone via Highway 191 once you are in Wyoming.  You gotta stop by Grand Teton on your way to Yellowstone.  


  1. Laredo9/14/2015

    I really love those guyers and hot springs, even the lakes. So pretty. Though I don't think I could stand the strong sulpher smell. Strong odors really bother me. Though possibly the beauty of the area would more than overwhelm any small inconvenience as smell.

    1. The smell isn't that bad to me. I met a couple who were existing the park because they couldn't stand the sulphur smell.

  2. The view of this place was so amusing last time I visited this place but I think the temperature is little bit high there.

  3. Jemson9/20/2015

    What an amazing and scary sight it must have been to be confronted by that mammoth bison walking along the road. Did you see any other animals?

  4. Anonymous10/15/2015

    I have visited there few days ago with ma buddy,the weather is cool and clam.You can get some fresh air.

  5. what is this animal on the 22nd pic?

    1. (: It's an American Bixon (or Buffalo).