Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #50: Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam.  Arizona.  Nevada.  June 2010.
Overview of Hoover Dam

Hoover dam is a dam of its kind built in the borders of Arizona and Nevada. The dam was built between the year 1931 and1936. The construction of this dam saw over a hundred workers losing their lives while at work. In the year 1935, US president Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the dam though it came to be controversially named after another US president, Herbert Hoover. The purpose of building the dam was for controlling floods, providing power, storage of water and also recreational. The whole project had a total cost of $49 million ($833 million with inflation).


Hoover Dam Bypass
From this point, you can have a good view of the dam. The bypass is a four lane including arch bridge and Mike O’Callaghan –Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

Oskar J. W. Hansen’s Memorial
Oskar, a neutralized American sculptor designs most of the sculptures around the dam. One of the famous pieces of his work was a plague honoring those who died during the construction work.

Power Pland
The power plant at Hoover dam offers a good place for tourists to have a view of how water is released from the dam. Most people visit the plant, not to understand how electricity is generated but rather to view how water flows out the dam.

How to get there

Bus offers the most convenient mode of transport. US Route 93 passes near the dam. If you are coming from far, you can use any of the airports in Arizona or Nevada.


  1. I love the clean lines of this architectural marvel. What a beauty! Did you get a chance to stand up there on the bridge? I'm so afraid of heights. I'm sure I would have hyperventilated at least once. :/

  2. Nice Dam. Its a good architectural work I see here. I do not like the fact that the dam wasn't named after the over a hundred workers losing their lives while at work. That could have been the best way to remember and honour them and that staggering loss of life meant that the logistics were poor.

  3. Anonymous8/07/2015

    I m just speechless,No way I have to visit there.who wanna join with me?

  4. Anonymous9/15/2015

    The view is so impressive and the purpose of this dam was also good.Feeling sorrow for the worker who lost their life in construction.

  5. I first read about this in OUR HISTORY class and i am glad i could see the picture here on this blog post.