Saturday, July 4, 2015

New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium was my first stop after I landed Boston Logan International Airport.  I took a red eye a night before.

The New England aquarium is a top attraction on the waterfront of Boston that showcases a wide variety of marine life. It was opened back in 1969 and currently has over 22,000 members. Statistics shows that it receives more than 1.3 million visitors every year, a number that keeps growing with time.

This is a giant ocean tank which makes the centerpiece of the entire place. It has four floors with 200,000 gallons of warm sea water. The Giant Ocean Tank contains enormous coral reefs, which are inhabited by Caribbean fish of nearly every variety. There are a total of more than 675 animals and fish living inside it. The different colors of the fish makes the whole tank quite spectacular.

There are various programs and classes offered in this Boston aquarium. You can get a lot of information on marine life by attending any of them. All the classes are age-appropriate, making them ideal for the whole family.

Simons IMAX Theatre
The theatre is used to showcase habitats and animals that are either too big, too dangerous or too rare to be in the Boston aquarium. It features IMAX 3D film technology with 12000 watts of quality sound.

Presentations, trainings and feeding
There are always special events scheduled, such as feeding penguins, training sessions for seals, animal feeding in the Giant Ocean Tank and various talks and presentations. All these activities can be very entertaining and informative, something that lovers of aquatic life would not wish to miss.

The New England Aquarium is conveniently located on Boston’s waterfront. Using the T, exit at the Blue Line Aquarium stop from where you can easily reach it using the Red, Green or Orange lines.


  1. went there 4 days ago awesome they even have a touch tank

  2. Anonymous7/09/2015

    I went yesterday it was amazing :)

  3. Anonymous7/09/2015

    i just love this place

  4. Nice marine life. I am a little bit curios to know how safe is the Jelly fish interaction to other animals and humans..? I also learnt that Ray could sting someone, but these people seem to be having fun touching them.

  5. Anonymous7/09/2015

    i went there today.. its awesome

  6. Anonymous7/09/2015

    Thank you for sharing this outstanding pic..

  7. Anonymous7/11/2015

    this is really amazing place for visit

  8. Never visited such place before,it's look interesting to visit.

  9. I think my daughter would really love to visit the New England aquarium. She loves learning about natural history and wildlife. And, what an educational place to be! The turtles and fish look amazing. Especially enjoyed looking at the pictures of penguins. Are those pink rocks natural? Or, are those artificial. I'm very happy they are providing a very 'home' like environment for these amazing sea creatures. I like to think they are happy here. :)

  10. Anonymous7/17/2015

    Never seen such amazing place.It 's like another world underwater.Have lots of fun and chilling moment there.

  11. I have visited many aquarium around the whole world and among them it was the best for underwater collection.

  12. Anonymous8/07/2015

    Just visited this place few days ago with ma friends,it was full of fun,wanna visit there again and again.

  13. Anonymous11/23/2015

    i have visited this place once and the experience was fabulous.