Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cape Cod New England

JFK memorial

I heard Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket were super nice, but they're not included in the tour. ):

It was a 9 hour tour from Boston to Cape Cod with 49 other tourists/travelers. 

One of the oldest light houses

The tour includes a cruise in Cape Cod Bay.

The second oldest lighthouse in the nation

Chase (Chase Bank) Family Residence

The Kennedy Compound including President Kennedy's Residence
2 hour break in Hyannis
Lobster Roll at McDonald's.  Only in New England.

Town House

Old Library

Another hour break in Sandwich


  1. The picture that caught my attention the most is the memorial about 1776. We must never forget that year. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful pictures!! Beautiful pictures!!!

  2. I'm not a big fan of most beaches as they look all crowded. But this one actually looks very nice! Did you get to spend much time there? I hope it was not too hot. The summer heat ruins any vacation. :(

    Lovely images too. I was surprised at the small town look of Cape Cod. Also, it amazes me how they have lobster rolls and seafood at McDonalds. :D

    You can't get that in the South!

    1. You can't get Lobster Rolls at California McDonald's either. I don't a day in Cape Cod. :)

  3. Anonymous7/17/2015

    Wow! This place has a lots of interesting staff which can attract everyone.Thanks for providing the information about this place.

  4. Glynnis7/19/2015

    My grandmother is from the Cape Cod area and has some very nice stories of growing up in that area. I grew up listening to her talk about all the amazing places you mentioned here. She was such a big fan of late John F. Kennedy. She always seemed sad talking about him. I was lucky enough to get to attend a family reunion in the area last summer and it's as beautiful as you have described here. The beaches are amazing for anyone who has never been. Not like Florida beaches either. Best seafood dinners ever! You can't find it better than in Cape Cod.

  5. I have brought a t-shirt from the souvenirs store last time while visiting this place.