Monday, July 6, 2015

Boston Prudential Center

Prudential Center is a complex that has several buildings which features an abundance of restaurants and shops. It has its place as a landmark of Boston and a tourist attraction. The complex occupies most of the space between Huntington Avenue and Boylston Street. Its conception was in 1959 and ever since, it has been facing controversy as one of the first urban renewal projects in Boston.

The Prudential Tower is the centerpiece of the entire complex. The 52 storied building was opened in 1965. It stood as the tallest building in the city and outside New York for 11 years before construction of the John Hancock Tower. The building has 4000 windows and close to half a million square feet in terms of office space.

A restaurant is located at the 52nd floor, known as the Top of the Hub Restaurant. The Prudential Skywalk on the 50th floor is also a major tourist attraction which provides a nice 360-degree view of the city.

Nicknamed ‘The R2-D2’, the 111Huntington Avenue is an attractive building, 36 stories tall. It opened in the year 2002 as the tallest building to be completed in the city ever since 1987.

There are 2 upscale department stores that anchor the Prudential Center’s retail component; Lord  & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue. Inside this urban mall, you can find 75 more stores and restaurants. An estimate of 60,000 visitors pass through this shopping area in a day. It has always been ranked as among the 5 top shopping centers in the United States.

From Logan Airport, you can use the Summer Tunnel and exit at Route 93 North. Follow the Copley Square exit then take a right to get to Exeter Street then follow 4 blocks. You should see the Prudential Center on your right.


  1. Where did you take these pictures from ? A skyscrapper or from a chopper. They are really beautiful . I also found it amazing to see Facebook C.E.O among the faces in Boston. That's really interesting.

    1. You have great vision :) they were taken at Prudential tower, on the 50th floor.

  2. I was amazed to find out that two of my favorite people ever including Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) and Matt Daman are from Boston. I've really enjoyed their contribution to cinema and entertainment. And, actually it seems that Boston is famous for not only movie actors but also entertaining places to visit. The Boston Skyline is just breathtaking! The city looks so alive and busy and lit up like a Christmas tree. Did you get a chance to travel through the city by car? Just wondering if it was just as wonderful up close or too busy.

  3. Anonymous7/17/2015

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  4. Anonymous7/17/2015

    Such a nice night view of Boston,wow! It will be a great pleasure to see the night view.

  5. Just wow!My little words will fail to describe the beauty of the view of Boston.