Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #43: Petrified Forest

Petrified Wood.  Petrified Forest National Park.  August 2013.

Overview of Petrified Forest
This national park was given its name for its large deposits of petrified wood. Petrified Forest National Park was first set as a monument to preserve the rare wood found in it. The petrified wood was being used for scientific researches. It became a national park in 1962. There was another legislation in 2004 that increased the park’s area from 93,533 acres to 218,533 acres. The park is a still a hub of scientists with new animal species being discovered on an average of two per year.

Top Attractions
      Agate Bridge
This is one of the top attraction sites in the park. This is a natural bridge that has the both ends of a part of petrified tree embedded in the sandstone.

      Jasper Forest
This is where fossil remains of trees are found. The logs are scattered in the valley.

      Newspaper Rock
There is an attraction of a huge block of sandstone that resembles a newspaper. It has Indian drawings on it.

Ravens are popular in the park. They make the park beautiful.

      Painted Desert Inn Museum
This is an historic landmark built in the year 1924. It was later rebuilt in the 1930s. The museum has since been renovated and opened in 2006.

      Park Road
If you want to ride through the finest parts of the park then this 42 km long park road will be a fine guide.

How to get there
There is no public transportation to the park. This leaves people with the option of driving to the park with private cars. For visitors, the park is located in northeastern Arizona. It is about 50 miles from the New Mexican border on interstate 40.


  1. When my dad was a very young man, he drove out to California from Florida, with his brother. And, he mentioned having seen some of the places you talk about. It's really cool to see these places via your trips. It's like I was along for the ride back then too. :)

    1. just curious to know Johnson, did he actually saw the petrified or whatever wood its called because the wood to me seems like a kind of scientific research.

  2. Florida to California? Sounds really fun! I've been wanting to drive from Pacific to Atlantic. Thanks for sharing your story Beverly.

    1. Hi Kate! Best of luck on your trip. I can't wait to read about it.

      Yes, he has the best stories about that time of his life. And, there was a funny incident when they were traveling through the desert in Arizona and he complained about achy legs and got out for awhile to stretch and walk around. And, then his brother drove off! My dad said that he was running up after the car for about half a mile! Of course, my uncle was just joking around and didn't leave my dad out there. My dad said that by time he caught up and got back in car, he was so annoyed and tired, he didn't ask for break for rest of way there.

  3. I have never heard of such forest before. I think Harry Potter should have said something about it.

  4. I kept wondering if that is a actually a wood or a lava from a volcano that solidified into a rock?

  5. If I may ask, what made that wood to look that way. Its kind of scary to me, I don't know about anyone else, but was it designed that way by a wood carver or what exactly happened as I don't believe such wood exist in that form without anything happening to it.

  6. Amazing how nature adorns herself with such brilliance! Not sure if you knew this, but the beautiful colors in the petrified wood are coming from minerals such as pure quartz (white); and manganese oxides which cause it to appear blue, purple and black as well as iron oxides for yellows and brown hues.

  7. Anonymous6/26/2015

    I went their when I was 12 back in 2000 ah good times but so long ago.