Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #39: Waikiki Beach, Oahu Island, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach.  Oahu Island.  Hawaii.  June 2014.

Overview of Waikiki Beach

In the State of Hawaii lies a beautiful beach known as Waikiki beach. The beach’s specific location is in Honolulu city in Honolulu County. The history of this state is dependent on Waikiki beach. Hawaiian royalty discovered this place back in the 1800s when they used this place as a gate away for surfing activities. The city has since grown and the beach is part and parcel of this beachside city. There are many activities that a tourist may enjoy in Waikiki beach.

Top Attractions

There are various attractions that tourists enjoy here.
Surfing is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Waikiki beach. This beach has a long history of surfing since its discovery in the 1800s. Therefore you should visit this place if you want to enjoy surfing in a new way.
Diamond hotel is also another attraction in this site. Waikiki beach is adjacent to this beautiful hotel. This means that if you are coming here to stay for long you will not miss a place to set your head at night. This is a tourists’ hotel with all the best amenities put in place to cater for different tourists from all over the world.
You also get to enjoy the beautiful scene around this place. It is a good place to unwind if you are here on holiday. It doesn’t matter whether you are alone or with a partner, this place still gives the best scenery.

How to get to Waikiki Beach

There are airlines going flying to Waikiki from different parts of the US. China Airlines has a branch in Honolulu. There is also a Japanese airline for the Japanese visitors. Other American citizens can use the Hawaiian Airlines to get them to Honolulu. There is a Waikiki substation that is operated by the Honolulu Police Department.  This substation is the cheapest mode of getting to the beach.


  1. Hi Kate! I love this photo! I have never visited Waikiki. The beach looks a little crowded. Did you find it to be too much of a crowd there? I am wondering if there are any more secluded beach spots that tourists do not regularly visit. My family is planning to visit here very soon. Will be good to know of some out of the way places. :)
    P.S I love your blog. You do such an awesome job. :)

    1. Thank you so much Lenny! Waikiki is so crowded during the day especially in summer. There are lot of state parks that tourists don't go in Oahu. Sounds great that you'll be visiting there soon.

  2. Anonymous5/09/2015

    Very nice ! I like that you left the natural sounds of the waves and wind through the palm trees. Looks and sounds relaxing! The walking path along the Waikiki beach area is pretty.

    1. I enjoyed walking there on the beach.

  3. It's One of the most wonderful Beach....

  4. Anonymous5/22/2015

    I have walked it, felt it. Nothing more in my Soul I wish to go back~ and stay ~ forever.

  5. Anonymous6/19/2015

    The feeling of the moment of traveling that beach can't be described in word!