Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Portland Oregon

The largest city in the Oregon State in the United States is Portland. The latest census maps its population at 583,776 which ranks it at the 29th position in the list of United States most populous cities. Portland is located towards the Northwest of the Pacific in the Williamette Valley, marked with warm and dry summers, and damp chilly winters.

Mulnomah Falls

Multnomah waterfall is one of the main attractions in Portland. It is the second tallest fall in the country that runs all year round. Just a short distance from Portland are the narrow high falls, with the first set of falls dropping more than 500 feet. The fall drops to a quiet pool from which a second set of falls drops. It flows underneath a stone footbridge which was constructed in the early 1900s.

China Town

Horsetail Falls

Upper Horsetail Falls

Wahkeena Falls
see my Columbia River Gorge post.

Bridge of the gods.  Cascade Locks.


  1. Cassidy4/09/2015

    I'm so in love with the water fall scenes. Was it very loud standing so close to all that rushing water? How is the air like there? I'm sure that entire area is mountainous. I've heard that it's harder to breathe in the mountains.

  2. Anonymous4/21/2015

    This is a magnificent place. The grounds are beautiful and there is a peaceful spirit everywhere. It is easily accessible from I5. Is a great place to come and relax and learn more about our Heavenly Father's love for us. The missionaries are there to answer any questions, but if you just want to browse, you can do that also.

    1. Oregon is great. Portland is very easy to access from I-5. Would love to see the missionaries there next time.

  3. Nice Pics Thank You For sharing Kate!

  4. Aileen5/01/2015

    really awesome!

  5. Anonymous5/10/2015

    Living in Oregon is even more awesome than this post describes!! ^.^

    1. Really. Never lived in Oregon. (:

  6. Great Wahkeena Waterfalls...

  7. Anonymous5/23/2015

    Wish I move to Oregon. I hate Miami, Florida.