Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Travel Photo #38: Skydeck Willie Tower, Chicago

Willie Tower.  Chicago.  Illinois.  August 2011.

Overview of Skydeck (Willie Tower)
Skydeck is an amazing thing that has happened to the residents of Illinois. The construction of this building has seen Illinois get so many visitors who want to get to the top of the building to have the sky experience. It is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The building stands at 1,353 feet above the air. This is an uplifting distance that most people would want to be at. Guests have to pay a small fee to enter this building. 

Main Attraction
The main attraction in Skydeck is at the 103rd floor. This is the floor where visitors see the whole city of Chicago from. There is a ledge of glass balcony that extends 4 feet from the Skydeck. This is what makes the whole thing interesting, the ability to step outside 103rd floor without fearing. It is a safe place to do that and therefore anyone who is considering going to the place should not fear stepping on the balcony made of glass.

How to get to Skydeck Chicago
The best way to get to the Skydeck by visitors is by the use of bus. There are two major bus routes that can get you to this place. 20 Madison and 147 express will get you near Skydeck. Alternatively, you can use a taxi which will be a bit expensive but very convenient.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Pier

A quick weekend getaway to Santa Cruz in California.  Santa Cruz boardwalk and Pier is located on Pacific Coast Highway 1.  It's just about an hour drive from home.  

Pacific Ocean
Santa Cruz, a Spanish name which translates to Holy Cross, is the county seat as well as the largest of cities in Santa Cruz County. Its population, according to the U.S census carried out in 2013, is an estimate 62,864. It is along the Monterey Bay northern edge, approximately 50 km south of San Jose. It forms part of the 12-county statistical area of Oakland-San Francisco-San Jose combined.
Santa Cruz is mostly renowned for its beautiful coastline, moderate climate, the alternative lifestyle of community, and redwood forests. It is home to the educational hub, University of California.

Boardwalk Theme Park (View from the Pier)
This ocean front park was founded in the early 19th century, making it the oldest amusement park in California among the very few seaside parks that are found on the West Coast of the US. It has a large building known as Neptune’s Kingdom with an indoor miniature golf course as well as a video arcade. The Casino Fun Center is also found here and includes an arena for laser tag sport.

This is another favorite stop for many arcade game lovers, or those who tag their kids along. There are tons of games to choose from with a very conducive atmosphere to go with it. It is also never too crowded, a fact that makes it even more impressive.

Up Close and Personal with the Sea Lions

The wharf is known mainly for fishing, sea lions viewing, boat tours, dining and gift shops. The existing one was built in 1914. It is situated between Cowell’s Beach and Main Beach, on the western side of the Santa Cruz City. It holds the record of being the longest pier on the U.S West Coast.