Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Falling in Love with Rome


Rome is the capital city of Italy. The number of its residents is approximately 2.9 million and it covers an area of 1285 square kilometers. That makes it the most populated and largest commune in the country. The metropolitan Rome has up to 4.3 million residents. It is located along the Tiber River, in the central-western part of the Peninsula. Quite often, people refer to Rome as the capital of 2 states due to the fact that it has a whole independent country, Vatican, within its boundaries.

Piazza Navona

The fall of the Roman Empire marked the time when the political control of the Pope begun to take over Rome. It became a capital in the 8th century, lasting until 1870.

Currently, Rome is among the world’s most important destination for tourists. The art and archeological treasures blended with unique traditions and amazing views are just a few of the reasons for many tourists to visit the place. It is the third in the list of most visited European cities, with estimations of between 7 and 10 million visitors per year. The number may at times double during the holy years. It is actually at position 8 on the world’s rankings of most visited places.

Fountain of the Four Rivers

The Pantheon

Rome is among the oldest cities in all of Europe, with the Roman tradition stating its founding at about 753 BC. This is among the reasons as to why it is referred to as ancient city. The early population comprised of Latins, Sabines and Etruscans. The city went on to become the Roman Kingdom capital, then the Roman republic and eventually the Roman Empire. It is regarded as the Western civilization birth place.

Roman Forum
Spanish Steps

Roma Metro

Piazza del Popolos

My First Roman Gelato

I can't help but just fell in love with Rome.  The people.  The culture.  The food.  The architecture.  The ancient history.  The fountains.  The beautiful streets.
Italy is my favorite country.


  1. mmm! That gellatto looks amazing! I would love one of those now. Today was so warm and spring like. What a perfect afternoon treat for a perfect day! :)
    Also, the fountain of the four rivers is my favorite photo. I'm sure I would have stood there an hour admiring that incredibly detailed statue. I can't wait to visit Rome, so many amazing places! You make this place seem like such an exciting hot spot for a destination. Thanks for all the lovely photos and vacation advice.

  2. I love those fountains in Roma.
    Unfortunately, the world's famous Trevi fountain was under construction.

  3. Rome has such a classic look about it, very old world. Amazing how they have been able to maintain that look even in the midst of modern city life. And, it seems that modern times won't ruin this majestic place anytime soon. Hopefully it will be around for another thousand years. Happy travels. Can't wait to read about more of your adventures.

    1. Thanks Carla. Sorry I missed your comment.

  4. Rome, the most historic place in the world!

  5. Rome has never stopped to amaze the world. Beautiful pictures, nice people and good history. I really have strong passion for history and historic place and I really love this site. Wait a minute pls, is that man holding a stick man really levitating?

  6. The Ice-cream is so tempting. I really love the way you take pictures Kate and the clarity of the pictures is simply out of this world. Job well done.

  7. The beauty of the colloquium beauty is really fascinating. It makes me feel as if I am right there where it is . These are really nice pictures.

  8. The beauty of the Colosseum beauty is really fascinating. It makes me feel as if I am right there where it is . These are really nice pictures.

    1. I appreciate all your comments Joseph. Glad you like my post!

  9. Thank You for sharing this pics kate!