Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Journey from CDG to Paris

Seine River

Bonjour!  I am in France.  There're so many wow moments on my first day.
It is not surprising to hear people saying that Paris is their favorite city and they always want to go back there.  Well, I always want to be different than most people, BUT it is extremely hard not to fall in love with this elegant beautiful sophisticated romantic city.

It was quite a long way from CDG to my hotel which is in Boulogne - Billancourt area, the western suburbs of Paris.  Of course the easiest and the most convenient way is to take a taxi or an airport shuttle which takes you right to your hotel, but how adventurous can that be.  Taking the public trains is the least expensive and the most adventurous way for solo travelers.  However, if you have never been here, you do not speak French, you do not know anybody here and/or you never researched before you come, you might end up wasting your precious time getting lost and missing out the opportunity to see everything you wanted to see in Paris.  It is quite complicated.  The map of Metro trains in Paris looks like a spider web.  I spent some time figuring out the most cost-effective and least time consuming way before I came.

I landed at CDG terminal 1 around 9am (midnight in California). As always my eyes were wide open with full of excitement.  I got my museum pass and Metro day passes at Tourist Information Center at the terminal.

If your hotel (or the place you stay) happens to be in Boulogne, take the following trains.  If it is not in Boulogne, do your homework (: and take a different RER or Metro at Gare du Nord station.

1.  RER B toward Orly Airport

Take the tram to Terminal 3.  Note:Charles de Gaulle 1 is not Terminal 1.  It is just the train station 1 and it is near Terminal 3. And terminal 3 is between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. 

2.  Metro 4 toward Mairie de Montrouge

At Gare du Nord, switch to Metro station.  Metro 4 will take you to Strasbourg Saint-Denis where you switch to another Metro to the west of the city.

3.  Metro 9 toward Pont de Sevres
Metro 9 will take you to Boulogne area.  My hotel is near Porte de Saint-Cloud.

I was so careful not to miss a station to switch trains, then I realize that you can get on to any Metro train and connect to different trains toward your destination.

Check out the 4 Off-line Apps that I highly recommend to every traveler.

Wow.  10 miles today.


  1. Anonymous2/23/2015

    Thanks Kate, great article :)

  2. Wow, traveling in these areas would be chaotic for me. But It would be a dream to travel to Paris one of these days. I hear it's very beautiful and the culture based around there is quite unique and very exciting. I can't wait to see what places you see.

    Have fun!

    1. It was complicated. I almost never use public transportation in the US so it's great to do something different. So adventurous!

  3. Henley3/21/2015

    Butter stick! How fun! Only the Parisians could think of something so inventive as butter on a stick for breakfast. :3
    I'm sure this was a very tiring day just commuting and walking around. But later on, the sights were breathtaking. Very much enjoying your blog. Keep traveling! We love your adventures. :)