Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame Cathedral is a historical Catholic house of worship situated in Paris. In French, Notre Dame means our lady of Paris. The cathedral is broadly regarded as one of the greatest instances of Gothic design of France, and also it's one of the biggest and well-recognized chapels on earth. The beautiful tainted glass and naturalism of its designs are usually in comparison with Romanesque architectural mastery.

Crypts under the Cathedral
The Historical Crypt of  Notre-Dame, Paris was made in the year of 1965 to defend numerous old ruins, uncovered while in development work and occupying the initial settlement deal in Paris towards the present day. The historical crypts are maintained through the Musée Carnavalet. It includes a huge display, incorporating comprehensive types of the design and architecture of various periods of time. Thus, the most important element is still observable that is the underneath ground heating set up throughout the Roman occupation.

The Organs
Although a number of organs had been placed in the cathedral as time passes, the initial ones had been not enough for the structure. The very first mentioned organ was completed in the eighteenth century by the famous constructor François-Henri Clicquot. Thus, the organ was totally reconstructed and extended within the nineteenth century by the prominent builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll. The notable organ consists of 7,374 pipes, including ca 900 regarded as historic. It also includes a 32-key pedalboard, 110 real stops, and five 56-key manuals.

The Bells
Notre-Dame cathedral includes 10 bells. Among the biggest is Emmanuel, made in 168. It is positioned on the southern side of the tower and has a weight of approximately 13 tons. The bell is always tolling to indicate the time of the day. This amazing bell is usually ringing very first, a minimum of five seconds prior to the rest.

Photography is not allowed inside the Cathedral.

You can visit the Notre Dame Cathedral by walk or catch a metro line 4 from Cite. You can also visit there by RER B and C.


  1. Great historic place :) Love it

  2. I can only imagine how long it would have taken the designers of this masterful place to sculpt and built it. Sorry to hear there was no photography allowed in the cathedral. I imagine the art work in there would have been iconic to see.

    1. It was disappointing. I need photos for my blog.

  3. Ah, I was really hoping to see the inside of this place. This is the time when buildings were built in such a way that most people would praise the person who built it. They certainly don't make building like this anymore.

    I wish I could travel all the time like you, it's so cool to be able to travel like this. One of these days I will. :)

    1. Unfortunately, photography was strictly prohibited. ):