Sunday, March 1, 2015

Castel Sant' Angelo

Castel Sant Angelo, also known as Mausoleum of Hadrian, is an iconic building found in Parco Adriano in Rome. The meaning of the name is ‘Castle of the Holy Angel’. It was first commissioned as a museum by a Roman Emperor, Hadrian, before becoming a fortress for popes. The building that was once the tallest in in Rome is now a museum.

Demitriano was the architect who designed Castel Sant Angelo. Its construction took place between 123-129AD. The landscape was dominated by this massive structure which had 3 cylindrical structures that were overlapping and surrounded by a fa├žade. A chariot with the emperor portrayed as a god was stood at the top of the building.

Its name, Castel Sant Angelo originated from the Saint Magno Gregorio legend in 590, a pope who saw an angel in his vision, announcing to him that the plague would be over. A statue of the angel was even created in the year 1500 and was mounted on the watchtower.

For more than three centuries, Castel Sant Angelo was used as a jail. It actually held many illustrious figures including Benvenuto Cellini, Giordano and a good number of activists who participated in the risorgimento movement.

Most of the medieval structures were removed in 1901, when it underwent a major renovation to convert it to a museum. It is during this renovation that the battlements were returned.

Taking a train to the nearest metro stop is probably most convenient way of getting to Castel Sant' Angelo by foot. Lepanto is the nearest stop after which you get to trek past Ponte Vecchio. An alternative would be to use bus from Termini.
I walked to Castel Sant' Angelo from the Vatican City.


  1. Delilah3/01/2015

    I can just imagine the streets near Castel Sant Angelo bustling with the sounds of Medieval life. The street shops would been a sight to see then. I'm glad some remnant of that Medieval glory day is left for us to admire and enjoy.

  2. So beautiful! I swear I've been there before though, looks so familiar. Has it ever been in the movies or tv? Either way, I'd love to see this in person very soon though. I think I'll make that happen too, because I want to see this place really soon.

  3. I already feel like a tourist myself. I cant believe the things I have seen and the history are just awesome. I have seen some of these places in movies and seeing them again in real pictures is great and I guess I might soon come to Rome live as a tourist as you have stirred my passion for this place.

    1. (: Rome is a great place to live. Public transportation is so inexpensive and reliable.

  4. Nice Place to visit and enjoy...