Friday, February 27, 2015

Château de Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is a noble Château in Versailles, France. It is also referred to as  Château de Versailles in French. However, Versailles had been a village when the chateau was constructed. At present, it's a prosperous suburb of France, just 20 km south-west of the capital of France. From 1682, the Versailles Court was the political center of France. During the event of Louis XIV went from Paris, till the noble family was pressured to go back to the main city in 1789 following the start of the Revolution in France.

Grand Apartments
As a consequence of  envelope of Le Vau's, both the king as well as the queen got new Grand apartments, recognized as a château neuf, at that time. However, the grand apartments, that are recognized as being the grand appartement de la Reine and grand appartement du Roi. Thus, the primary floor of the château neuf  was filled with Le Vau's design and style of the Grand apartments carefully implemented Italian designs which were  popular in those days.

Hall of Mirrors
Hall of Mirrors is the main gallery of the Versailles Palace in Paris, France. Nevertheless, the main characteristic of this area is the 17 mirror-clad archways that reflect the 17 arcade glass windows. Every single arch consists of 21 magnificent mirrors by using an overall 357 in number that utilized in the beautification of the Hall of Mirrors. Thus, the arches are set in between marble pilasters as their capitals illustrate the icons of France.

King Louis XIV


Diana's Room

The Gardens

The Palace is located 13 miles away from Paris. It is very easy to visit there by train. You can visit the Palace by RER C as well as SNCF  train from Paris.