Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bryce Canyon

Greeting from Utah.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

Today's destination is Bryce Canyon.  Bryce Canyon National park has a deep history since its formation.  It was first named a national monument in 1923 before the congress could pass a bill to Utah National park.  Bryce Canyon National Park became a national park in 1928.

Inspirational point
As the name suggests, it is an inspirational point where people go to get inspired.  This point is located along Rim trail.

Bryce Point
This point is located along the rim trail.  It provides the most amazing view of the park and more especially hoodoos.  The best place to get the most naturally beautiful photos is at Bryce Point.

Sunrise and Sunset Points
Sunrise point provides a good place to view the sunrise.  The sunset point is located just near sunrise point, a walk along the Rim trail.  Best view of sunset is found here.

Natural Bridge
This is a natural bridge formed from and an eroded hoodoo.  It is one of the most interesting features of the park.

Rainbow point
Rainbow point is located at the end of park road.  It provides access to park trails and also provides a good place to be on the lookout for more hoodoos.

A lot of driving today.  Over 500 miles on the same day.  That was really crazy driving in the dark.  I chose the hotel that is closer to tomorrow's destination.  I am in Mountain time zone so I lost an hour.  The sun was set at 4pm pacific standard time.  Well, I got to the hotel safely.  What an adventure!

From Bryce to Hotel in Green River
From Vegas to Bryce
Road to Bryce

Good night Utah

As of today, I have visited and explored 25 out of 59 US National Parks.  25 and counting.

"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear."  -George Addair


  1. Anonymous11/28/2014

    wow that's a lot of driving, u must be tired.

    1. (: I was too excited and wasn't realize that I was really exhausted till bed time. Driving was too crazy. I won't plan on driving that much in one day for my future trip.

  2. You're a great traveler and you are very professional. I like your blog...

  3. Wow that's a massive canyon. I've always wanted to see a canyon that's big like this. I wanted to see the grand canyon, but this looks pretty good too. I might have to go here one of these days.

    1. Bryce is not too far from Grand Canyon. There's definitely more to see and do at Grand Canyon.

  4. it seems you had a nice experience.. I too would like to visit the place but it looks scary.. Can you go there alone? Btw, thanks for keeping this blog for us.. Its very helpful to some of us.

    1. Yes, I had a good experience. It was not as scary as it seems. Yes, I traveled alone.

  5. You have to love this place because of, in addition to the location right at the lip of spectacular Bryce Canyon, the purity of the setting. No TV, no internet except in the lobby and no pretension.

  6. how nice this place for travel
    thank you for this picture and information
    i really like this