Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Travel Photo #7: Salt Lake Desert, Utah

Among the wonderful places I have visited, there are some truly fascinating and somewhat otherworldly, giving the impression of stepping into a magical land.

Salt Lake Desert, Great Salt Lake, Utah.  Visited in summer 2010.

Overview of Great Salt Lake Desert

The Great Salt Lake Desert is located in the northwest of Utah, between the border with Nevada and the Great Salt Lake.  Surrounded and protected by several mountain ranges, this desert is mostly famous for the white salt deposits it features and the unusual vegetation it harbors.

Walking on the NaCl (Sodium Chloride) crust that covers this vast wilderness is an inciting experience.  Definitely worths the visit!

Weather Conditions

Another characteristic of this high desert, situated more than 4,000 feet above sea level, is its extreme temperatures with hot arid days and cold nights.  The temperature drops to extreme levels after the dark sets in, so I can imagine it could not be a pleasant experience to get lost here.  Don't get lost at night time!


The endless plain of the desert is what remains of the dried up Lake Bonneville, name that is mostly known in the United States for Bonneville Flats race track, where most land speed records were set several decades ago.  People still come here to drive around the salt flats.  Motorcycle ride here is simply awesome.

How to get to Great Salt Lake

One of the best way to visit the desert is on the interstate I-80, which a long portion that is completely straight, passing through the town of Wendover.  I drove there from California.  If you are far away, fly to SLC, then get a rental car.  No public transportations.  There are many unique and scenic destinations in the United States, but this salt desert must be one of the most spectacular and worth visiting by everyone.

“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau


  1. It's hard to believe that this is all salt. Looks more like something volcanic...

    1. I know. You'd probably think what's so special about this white color sand with some ugly puddles, if it's not salt. I brought a bottle of salt home. It is so clear and clean. It looks dirty with the radiation of the sun in this photo.
      Here's the old post where I posted more photos:

  2. I have been to Salt Lake City and I absolutely remembered the temperature extremes. Other than that I thought it was worth visiting. Definitely unique.

    1. Utah is very unique. Love that state, especially the national parks.


    Yes, I agree

    This picture is absolutely stunning and you should definitely feature it:

  4. Zin Mar Khine8/30/2014

    I don't know about this place but after i read this post i searched more about it, and now this place is on priority for my next solo travel.

    1. You're going to love the sodium chloride desert!