Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Travel Photo #4: Lake Havasu City, Arizona

During the holiday season at the end of 2012, I drove over 3000 miles with my copilot Leo the weird cat, who can't live without car rides.  We stop by Lake Havasu and spent a day there.  This is one city you should endeavor to visit when you are embarking on solo travel next time.  It was a pleasant and memorable experience.  Though we got here via a road trip, it was a trip packed with lots of fun and wonderful experiences.

Lake Havasu, Havasu City, Arizona

Havasu City Overview

Havasu City is located in Arizona, United States. The city was formerly a rest camp for Army Air Corps during World War II. Lake Havasu City lies in the shores of the Colorado River, which is one of the choice locations for organizers and lovers of water sports. 

On September 30, 1963, a resolution of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors gave rise to the establishment of Lake Havasu City. As at that time it was named Lake Havasu Irrigation and Drainage District, making it a legal entity. The city was incorporated in 1978, and is now called Lake Havasu City.

Top Attractions At Lake Havasu City

1. London Bridge

Lake Havasu City plays host to one of the world's most talked about bridge; the London Bridge. London Bridge stretched across the lake to a small island in the Colorado River. London Bridge is one of Arizona's most popular attractions of Lake Havasu City, and this could be as a result of the towering walls and archways of the London Bridge that has stood in the waters of the Colorado River since 1971. The night view of the London Bridge is so colorful that tourist/visitors are always amazed at the sight of it. When next you want to embark on a solo travel, don’t forget to pen down Lake Havasu City as one of the places to visit.

2. Parker Dam

Parker Dam is another popular attraction of Lake Havasu City. It was built between 1934 and 1938 by the Bureau of Reclamation, and it was built to provide water and power to the people of the lower Colorado River Basin.
Another interesting fact is that Parker Dam is the deepest dam in the world; 73% of its total height of 320 feet is below the riverbed and only about 85 feet of the dam is visible. You might want to make Lake Havasu City your next solo travel destination because only then will you be able to view this amazing Dam live and direct.

3. Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge

Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge is yet another attraction in Lake Havasu City, located in the area within eastern La Paz and Mohave-Counties, in Lower Colorado River Valley region. A lot of activities like nature walk, bird watching, hiking, and kayaking goes on regularly at the Bill Williams River. This place is worth visiting when on a solo travel trip.

How To Get To Havasu City, Arizona

Visitors can use road trip to Lake Havasu City because the city is within driving distance of 2 international airports; Phoenix and Las Vegas international airports. So once your plane lands at any of the airports, you just need to use road trip for a few hours to get to Lake Havasu City.

From Las Vegas: Make your trip with U.S. 93 / U.S. 95 South to Interstate-40 E, and then from there take AZ-95 South.  Of course, we stopped by Vegas, my all time favorite place on earth.   From Phoenix: Take Interstate-10 West to Vicksburg Road (Exit 45), then take a right turn at Vicksburg Road, and then turn left on AZ-72. Go right at Riverside Drive/ AZ-95. 

“People who don’t travel cannot have a global view, all they see is what’s in front of them. Those people cannot accept new things because all they know is where they live.” – Martin Yan


  1. So, London Bridge is in the - Lake Havasu City. That is completely new information for me. LOL. I ended up here looking a wrong term , but I can see that you have more things than London Museum.
    I believe that the view is stunning, but why would they connect land with an island? Does that island has any kind of a tower or fortress? And what for??

    1. There's a trail around the island where you can use as biking/running path. No towers. English village which looks sort of like mini London, sits below the bridge. The bridge was moved from London, England, and rebuilt in Arizona. Interesting history! I could write one article about it. :)

    2. And, that is the real London Bridge!? That blows my mind! Of course, all the little children know of 'London Bridges Falling Down' nursery rhyme. Who knew it was in America now. :)

      Also, really enjoyed that picture of the river bank and beach area. I didn't realize it was so beautiful in Arizona. I always think of Arizona as a dry hot place. This must have been a fun trip.

    3. Exactly the London Bridge is in America. (: We own it!