Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beautiful Light Music that can cheer you up!

Everyone experiences down time and emotional distress sometimes, and it is normal.  It sounds tough, but you can choose to think differently.  You don't want to waste time and energy on unnecessary drama.  The pattern goes on and on, and it never seems to end.  And alcohol doesn't help!
I went to find some inspirational materials on YouTube to overcome my anxiety, and I came across this video.
How peaceful is the light music! I have to thank the musician for making my day.

I am inspired by this artist.  Check out Relaxdaily YouTube Channel.


  1. Music really does make us feel better both physically and mentally. My doctor recommended music therapy for pain and it really works! Thank you for posting this video, the music is amazing!

    1. I have very little knowledge about music and I don't play any instrument, but I Love the way light background music makes me feel better.

  2. I can see what you mean by relaxing. Once upon a time ( well, it was not so long time ago, maybe- I was given some Cocteau Twins tape on present from my friend. She thought that it is kind of a music that may relax and do some good to me, but it was quite opposite - I freaked, all that strange mau-mau high pitched and gentle voices sounded to me as some prelude for the horror movie.
    Anyway, I am trying to find some serious ambient jungle music -this is not it, but the idea is still good.