Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's time again. Leo is getting ready for his road trip!

Dash Dash and Leo Cat Blog

It's time again for Leo Tun.  He is going to be on road trip soon.  Leo is a stinky cat who can ride the car all day without any complaints.  The only time he complains is when I try to get him out of the car.

Leo has been to 4 States so far, and he is going to visit another state this time.  He cries everyday when I am about to leave the house, so I decided to give him another chance.  His last trip was about a year ago.

Leo's bed
Litter box
Dry food, wet food, treats, etc etc.  All check!

Wait, I forgot to pack for myself.

My blog hits 100,000 views today.  It was less than 1,000 in July 2013, when I came back to blogger (after no activity for 2 years).  
09JUL131,000 views
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  1. Anonymous7/31/2014

    U ain't takin that kitty with ya. It's no mam!

  2. In fact, cats are much better traveler than dogs. We use to travel with the dog and it was pretty nasty, couldn't take it. Once, we had a short country visit with our friends and their cat just sit or sleep the whole day like it is nothing.

    1. Agreed! Cats are wonderful! I like dogs too. I need to own a place first, then a dog, to protect the cats!

  3. want to touch his fluffy tail