Friday, July 4, 2014

7 ways to serve your country

Mount Rushmore
Happy 4th of July!  God Bless America!  
America turned 238 today.

The Land of the Free.  The Home of the Brave.  

I genuinely hope that I will have more opportunities to serve the country.

You don't necessarily need to be in uniform, fighting for your country.  Here's seven other ways you can serve your country:
Wind Turbines in Palm Springs

1. Education.  Going to school and getting a qualified degree to your name is one of the prime ways to serve yourself as well as your country.  I have spent more time in school than anybody else I know.
10 years ago, people thought I would not even graduate, but I did and later I earned a Master's degree, and it means the world to me now.

General Sherman Tree
2. Taking Care of Family.
This is self-explanatory.

3. Taking Care of environment.  There are number of ways you can take care of environment.  And by doing this you are serving your country in a great way.  Avoid littering and promote reusing and recycling.

4. Become a Volunteer.  There are number of ways you can serve your country by doing volunteering tasks.  Check out volunteering opportunities at American Red Cross or an Animal Shelter.

Arches National Park

5. Support our Troops.  Remember those serving in military and fighting for your freedom and security.

Moose Calf in Alaska
6. Donate.  Donate whenever possible.  We spend money on things we need not buy.  If you don't mind spending 10 bucks for a drink, why not you spare small cash or change for good cause.  Interested to register to become an organ donor?

Black Sand Beach, Hawai'i

7. Be Kind to Animals.  It is our duty to support the local shelters and not let people kill innocent animals.  Animals are cruelly killed by people who no longer want them.  Unfortunate animals get dumped on roadsides, they get hit by cars and in some cases get attacked by wild animals, or they die from starvation.  Please support the cause  and make a difference!

"Think of something for which you are grateful for today.  Say thanks.  -Rabbi Terry Bookman


  1. Helping others is a really good way to serve and it doesn't have to be a big deal or take much time. There are many volunteer opportunities in everyone's community.

  2. I think that army, police, firemen and hospitals should be priority. Everything else can wait.
    Once I was stopped by a animal shelter volunteer in front of the grocery store exit. She practically attacked me trying to get some money from me. She also accused me that I don't like animals and what kind of a person I am - because I was unsure what shelter she represents ( if any!) and I didn't want to give her tenner and not knowing if she is not going to buy some drinks with it.
    I reported her to manager but a manager was even worse than her!

    I think that helping people and not animals is priority. Also, to really make a difference it is important to educate people why and what is allowed and how to accomplish some kind of a balance. Every kid wants a puppy, but puppy grows up and family has no time or a kid doesn't want it any more. Dogs can live up to 12 years or even more. Cats alike. But, there are smaller animals that live much shorter and can be used to socialize a child in the same way like a big animal.

    It will also make a huge difference if there were better laws and higher prices for the pets. Unfortunately animals are bought for a dollar or for free and left on the streets once they are no more needed, interesting or too old.