Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Everyone Can Travel!

Grand Canyon, Arizona
Everyone can travel, if they get good information.  Traveling can be about more than fun.  It can be about education.  However, traveling can also be expensive, exhausting and time consuming.  Today, I have some tips on maximizing your vacation time while also saving money.

Making travel arrangements well ahead of time will definitely help you save money.  I always have plans lined up in my head.  Some don't work out, some do.  I find every possible ways to make things happen.  Minimizing last minute expenses can help you trip stretch further. 

Rocky Mountain, Colorado

Hit the gym or run a couple of miles outdoor, before you board your flight.  You feel like you get more tired after working out, but it helps when long flights are hard on your body as your muscles can easily cramp from maintaining the same position for extended periods.  At least stretching before boarding a flight can lessen any cramps.

The London Eye, UK

If you are driving, plan your road travel to miss rush hour in any city you will be in.  Google map on your smart phone is pretty reliable to check traffic conditions most of the time.  Once I was stuck in traffic in Seattle for hours during rush hour in the heavy rain.  Vacation turned into a nightmare.  If you are flying, take an early flight to avoid a delay in your flight.  Chances are that if one flight is delayed, the flights immediately after that flight have to be delayed.  It may be hard if you're not a morning person but the initial morning flight has the least amount of delays.  

World of Coca Cola, Georgia

I can be a night owl or an early bird, when it comes to travel.  I had a 6am flight to Colorado to visit the Rockies.  I took the red eye flight to Atlanta, Georgia, picked up a rental car at ATL, then I drove 200 miles straight to Alabama.  I know those crazy adventures are not for everybody.  

Traveling is fulfilling and interesting, and you never know what you might find.  Get out there and cross a few things off your bucket list!

I receive messages from twitter followers asking about my facebook fan page.  I don't have one!  I know I'm a bit behind, actually, way behind.  I'm still very new to Pinterest.  


  1. Thanks for suggestion. I do get cramps and problems during the long flights. Running should solve it.

  2. I have noticed that you write more during the January, Mach and July than other months. Is there any particular reason for that or you just set it to fly away during the vacation periods??
    Do you pick places by the season or just by the wishes??

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Really? I didn't even noticed myself about writing.. :) I started writing more this year for sure.
      I try to travel once a month or two. It all depends on holidays and PTOs from work. Work is priority, but I always have plans line up in my head.