Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bear Country USA

Bear Country USA is the drive-thru park featuring North American wildlife roaming free in their natural habitats.  This is one of the most popular attractions in the Black Hills in South Dakota.  The park is on my way from hotel to Mount Rushmore.

Mule Deer

Arctic Wolf

Big Horn Sheep

What a beautiful Grizzly

Bears in the mirror

Bears in the mirror

Visitors are not allowed to get out of vehicles.  All windows and sunroofs have to be completely closed all time.  The animals are so used to be seeing all those visitors from all over the world.  

My last stop was Babyland.

Bear Cubs (I want to pat them!)

Coyote Cub

Baby Fox Cub

Admission $16 per vehicle


  1. sarah evanston7/24/2014

    That is so much wildlife to see in one place! Were those pictures taken over the course of your stay there or were they all in one drive through?

  2. All except for Babyland were in one drive through. Thanks for checking out!