Thursday, June 5, 2014

Waikoloa and Big Island Lava Rocks

Waikoloa.  What a pleasant place to be!

Lava Preservation area in the middle of all the Resorts

Waikoloa Hilton Lagoon

Dolphin Quest

Lava Land on Highway 19

Crawling up from the lava rock bottom


  1. Wow!
    Nice photos.
    You could easily make all those into a wallpapers.

  2. Walking is really the only way to enjoy some of these natural locations. You miss so much when you are in a car zipping by at high speed. But, when you get out of the car and actually take time to traverse the land in the way that ancient man must have, you can enjoy every single step along the way. Such lovely photographs, such amazing locations! Would so love to visit them too.

    1. I love walking, (: especially in the perfect weather in Hawaii.