Monday, June 30, 2014

5 tips on how to not let the technology manage your time

I am at United Club in Denver looking ahead to my connecting flight.  I was just watching 'la jogo bonito' the beautiful game of World's greatest sport FIFA World Cup.  By the way, I'm on my way to the city of presidents.

France vs Nigeria.  Round of 16.

For the past few years, the technology has had an upper hand over my life in managing my time.  That was awful.  I want to manage the technology, not vice versa!  Well I am using technology right now.  I have a good excuse - creating a blog post isn't possible without it.

Dash Dash
If you do not text, (unless you are significantly old) you're considered weird.  Mark Zuckerberg has one billion fans including me.  If I quit using facebook, I will lose contact with most of my high school and college friends.  Facebook is too good.  Too entertaining.  Yet too depressing.
You can easily check on your friends' whereabouts, peek into their daily lives like expensive dinners, engagements, honeymoons, traveling photos and more fun moments like these.  Great fun!  I travel a lot so I also have travel photos to share.  But when you have nothing to post (I don't share drama, or pictures of food, so I got nothing to show when I'm in town), you feel really miserable.  You life is boring!  Comparing your ordinary days with someone else's special moments is not the best way to go as it will make you feel bad about yourself.  Recent studies show that the more people spend time on facebook, the more they feel unhappy or lonely. 

When I was traveling solo in Scotland early this year, I saw many tourists playing with their phones, texting, facebooking or instagramming in front of gorgeous buildings on Royal Mile, one of the most beautiful roads in the world, sharing with their firends.  I was more concerned with the beauty I was capturing through my eyes that this incredible city had to offer.

It is quite understood that one realizes it has a negative impact in your life, you can't seem to stop doing it.  Such behavior is recurrent and there's very little you can do about it.
If you find yourself putting of what you should be doing in daily life because of the low-priority distractions such as playing smart phone or other electronic devices, here's some tips I have been using.

1.  Turn off all notification alerts

The best way is to set all your mobile notification alerts off.  No Facebook status updates, no text, email or game alerts.  Well I no longer have any games on my phone.  And I can't read texts on home screen.  When my mobile phone rings for a call or an incoming text, and I'm driving, the text message can wait.

2.  Wear a watch (if you have not been wearing) don't remember when the last time I wore a watch before I got this one.  My phone has served the purpose for a long time.  2 or more out of 5 times, I ended up checking out other stuff, not just the time.

3.  Develop and follow action plans

One way to beat technology is to think of other things for your daily life routine.  Try making a to-do list and set realistic goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them.
You're so welcome, Leo!

I made extra money for getting something done and as I promised Leo, he got a new chair to sit, chew and scratch on.  He loves it more than his cat tower.

4.  Get outside your comfort zone

If you're bored and your friends are busy stuck at their homes then you should treat yourself solo.  Go out alone.  Go see a movie.  Travel solo.  Treat yourself differently than usual.
I love taking myself out for a date
That doesn't mean I got no friends or dates.  It is great to experience new things.  I love to treat myself in the new environments.  I am busy with my own life, which doesn't depend on friends' availability or getting asked out by a cute guy. Travel makes me more comfortable in my own skin.  I learned to talk to strangers.  Travel just makes me awesome.

5.  Learn something new

Learning is the best way to spend your life.  Life is all about learning, experience, and growing.  I never thought I would ever learn how to swim but last year, I learned it and that in a very short time.  From never being under water to swimming 20 laps straight - I made that happen.
How many books did you read in the last 6 months?  I'm not talking about school text books ..or celebrity gossip magazines.  If you read only one book a month, 2 years from now you'll gain knowledge from 24 books.  I learned about operation systems, web analytics, salesforce technology and more from YouTube, not from school.  Knowledge is power!
When you learn new things and find out what you love to do, happiness follows its way to you by itself.  Oh, don't tell me that paying games makes you happy.  You can do more than you think you can. ;)

The scariest moment is always just before you start.  -Steven King


  1. so true ... brilliant !!!

  2. jon terns7/27/2014

    I just got a new smart watch and I think that was the last step in letting technology take over. I am not sure if I could ever let any of it go but your article does have me thinking about it.

  3. Interesting!!How did you know of this.. Internet kills much of my time. Even when am determined to concentrate on something else, I get these notifications that get my attention. Now I have learn, Switching them off is my best option.

    1. (: Great to know that it helped. Thank you for your feedback!