Sunday, March 30, 2014

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Place

It was a nice weekend getaway with family to the sunny side of California on the rainy days in the Bay Area.  This is a city in Southern California that has very pleasant weather and that has always attracted a lot of tourism.  Santa Monica Promenade has a large number of stores, restaurants and movie theaters. This is currently a booming city that people from all over the United States and the world are traveling too because of how peaceful and fun it is.

The Third Street Promenade

The Santa Monica Pier has a lot of great attractions for people from all ages and you can have a great day of fun here.

Santa Monica Beach and Pier
Palisades Park

Historic Route 66 ends at Santa Monica in the west.  Route 66, also known as The Main Street of America or The Mother Road, is one of the original high way systems since 1920's.
It runs from Chicago, Illinois and ends at the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica.


  1. We would go to Santa Monica every summer. It was amazing. Specially the rides and events on the pier, it's a great family stop. But bring extra clothes, it can get chilly at night.

  2. Zin Mar Khine9/20/2014

    Its seems like the place for family holiday, solo travel if fun but some places are meant for family trip.

    1. I always tell my family/friends about my future trips and invite them to join. If no one is interested or available, I just get up and go by myself. Thanks for your feedback by the way (: I love to see Burmese names.