Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hogwarts at Oxford

There is no doubt that one of the most popular and beloved book and movie series that has ever come out is Harry Potter. The great thing is that all of the important locations from the movie are real and they exist in Oxford. 

The Hogwarts sanatorium was filmed in the Bodleian Library, the Hogwarts Library was filmed at the Duke Humfrey’s Library and the famous dining hall at Hogwarts is actually the Christ Church College Dining Hall. 

The line to see The Great Hall

The Great Hall is open to public for only 2 hrs a day.  It is not open at all when they have events.
I was there at Christ Church in the morning and went back there 20 minutes after the Great Hall was open.
Totally worth to wait 35 min in line!

Students at Christ Church dine at this dining hall for special occasions.  
This is one place that any Harry Potter fan would love to visit and it will be basically like standing at Hogwarts. 
Want to dine here?  Apply for Christ Church college at the Oxford University!


  1. Kyaw Swar9/20/2014

    One of my favorite movie, and this place looks awesome when hall is full with children

    1. I love Harry Potter movies! Visiting the great hall in Oxford was so awesome.