Sunday, March 9, 2014

Edinburgh Castle

The Castle Entrance
Edinburgh Castle is one of the city's must-see attractions.  It is thought that the first man may have stood on the Castle Rock as far back as 8000 years ago.
Inside its blackened stone walls are the Honours (or crown jewels) of Scotland, Queen Mary's Apartments, the Great Hall and the infamous Mons Meg cannon.
Scotland's most famous landmark, Edinburgh Castle is one of Britain's most visited tourist attractions.

At the entrance to Edinburgh Castle is the Castle Esplanade which was once a parade and drill area for the castle garrison. Every year since 1950 onwards the famous Military Tattoo has been held here.

View from the Castle
Highlights include the One O'clock Salute from Half Moon Battery (cannon fire commemorates the tradition of helping ships synchronize their clocks), the impressive Scottish National War Memorial, and the stunning collection of Crown Jewels housed in the Royal Palace.

Another notable feature is the Stone of Destiny (aka, the Stone of Scone), famously stolen by Edward I and placed under the English throne in London - only returned to Scotland 700 years later in 1996.

Great Hall

9 month old Queen

View from the Top level Castle
St Margaret’s Chapel is the oldest building within the Castle walls and was built on the highest point of the Castle Rock in the 12th Century.

St. Margaret's Chapel
It is the oldest building in Edinburgh Castle. It is one of the 12th century buildings which still remains in a Scottish castle. It was built by King David I for the royal family and devoted to his mother, Saint Margaret of Scotland. The chapel has continued to use for religious events like wedding.
St. Margaret's Chapel

In the 1600s, the castle became a military base.

Half Moon Battery and David's Tower
Half Moon Battery is a well-known aspect on the eastern side of the Edinburgh castle. It was constructed between 1573 to1588 during the repair works monitored by the Regent Morton. The Half Moon Battery was constructed  above the ruins of David's Tower. Before the Lang Siege, the structure was documented as remaining 59 ft high, and the rest of the parts remain up to 49 feet  from the rock.

View from Argyle

The Castle, View from the Street
Edinburgh Castle is one of the most famous attractions in Scotland, located on the rock in the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh.  Over the last 200 years, the castle has become a national icon.

Admission fee - £16


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