Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and also the biggest city in the country. This used to be a Viking settlement and it evolved into the historically rich and popular city that is visited by thousands of tourists every year. 
St. Ann Church of Ireland
The population of Dublin is of 1.5 million people. This is a very small number in comparison to other major cities in the world.

It was almost St. Patty's day
Dublin has temperate climate with what can be considered mild winters and cool summers. The rainy seasons are also quite long at times so if you visit you should know that a sunny day can get rainy at any point.  I was lucky that it didn't rain.

Our President says so..

The Temple Bar, where Tom Cruise (with Irish Accent) and Nicole Kidman filmed the movie 'Far And Away'

St. Stephen Green's Mall

Cup Cake Store at St. Stephen Green's Mall

Getting more and more crowded in the afternoon (I got to Dublin since 7ish in the morning)

St. Ann's Church of Ireland

Fun Streets shows

1 Euro = $1.40USD

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