Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

London's favorite Landmark
The Parliament building which is also recognized as the Palace of Westminster is  situated right on the Thames river London, UK. It is a wonderful building which has been made in the year 1840, The building is usually most identifiable because of the clock tower which is regarded as Big Ben. Actually Big Ben is  the bell located inside of the tower.

View from The London Eye Pier

An Ironic Symbol of London.  The tower with 4 clock faces.
The Parliament of UK is built up of 2 houses: the House of Lords and the House of Commons and also both have their own assembly chambers. You can visit the Parliament building as well as view a discussion or question period if you want. Once a year, in the month of May, the Queen comes to the parliament to start a new session of the House of Lords.

Big Ben is the great bell located at the north end of the Parliament building in Westminster, London, UK. It was built in 1859. The structure is 96 meters in height and it consist approximately 400 steps to the very top. It is not allowed for foreign tourist. Only a British residents can climb Big Ben through a Lord or MP.   

View from Westminster Abbey

The Houses of Paliament were originally built in the 11th Century and remained the residence of the Kings of England until a fire destroyed.  It was decided the new buildings of Parliament should include a clock tower.  In 2012, the clock tower was renamed as the Elizabeth Tower in honor of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Juliee.

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