Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm A Traveler, not A Tourist

10 signs I'm a traveler not a tourist:

1.  REI is my Disneyland.

2.  I'm a backpack person now.  Soon, my old luggages will be given away to people who need more than I do.

Leo's backpack / carrier / roller

3.  I am willing to use up all my PTO for travels, instead of cashing them out, as long as I have a job security.

4.  At the end of each trip, I start dreaming about my very next adventure.

5.  I use airport codes instead of city names.  I fly from SFO.  I'm going to LHR in 3 weeks.  The following destinations will be EDI and DUB.

Dash Dash living life
6.  My phone has time zone and weather of my next places to visit and my facebook cover is the scenery photo of my previous destination.

7.  I would prefer walking (for reasonable distance) or taking public transportation in the city than paying taxi fare.

8.  While it can be more fun to travel with companion(s), I enjoy my absolute freedom of traveling solo.

Leo in his car seat

9.  I make a lot of silly mistakes when traveling alone.  I consider them to be the opportunities to improve for future trips.

10.  To me, planning for a new solo trip is more exciting than meeting a new guy for the first date.  (sorry guys!)

Any signs you're a traveler not a tourist?


  1. Hello, thanks for stopping by our blog Independent Travel Cats! Sounds like you love both cats and travel. We also have two cats (Dash & Dodger). We actually do most of the "traveler" things you note in the post but honestly I am not big on the distinction between the terms as if you ask most people they say they are a traveler and don't like tourists. The locals see us all as tourists...haha.

    BTW, we are also in the San Francisco Bay area and there are a few of us travel bloggers planning a meet up in the next month of so if you are interested. If so just e-mail me.

  2. Oh would love to meet the bloggers!
    One of my cats' name is also Dash. Cats are wonderful and only the cat owners know that. (;

    1. Alyssa2/10/2014

      Hey kkmlt ur cats r cute ;) who takes care of them when ur gone?

    2. Hey there, I send them to their babysitter when I travel.